Jamaicans.com Will Always Be My Home

The Internet. It may be the final frontier. It is loaded with information from the fascinating to the disgusting…You can do all your billing online, all your purchases online – whatever you need, you can find it there.

It is also a meeting ground for many. It is a place where people come together, young and old, male and female, black, white, asian– the list goes on – the differences go on – the varieties go on. It is a black screen. You sit and “talk” to individuals from all over the world, not knowing who they are, or what they look like.

You could be talking to a 32 year old man living in Europe who turns out to be the 12-year-old boy next door or your 69-year-old aunt who lives in Trinidad. In any event, it’s a smoke screen. On any given day, I could be as many personalities as I choose to be.

In the midst of this dynamic, chaotic but mostly interesting and enveloping world, I have found a home. It’s the place where I can go to be alone and yet be surrounded. It’s the place where I can go to be at peace and yet be at war. It’s the place where I go and be loved and yet be hated. It’s the place where I go to sit in the midst of friends and also observe my enemies.

I love it at my home. The urge to leave my home and the urge to always come back remains the same. Each feeling negates the other, so I stay. I sit alone,at war and hated. I observe my enemies and I stay. Yes, I stay. I stay because I am surrounded and I am at peace, I am loved and in the midst of friends; I stay.

My home is somewhat of a caveat…a warning label that reads: “this is what real life is about.” My home is, as it were, a blueprint of the real world. Filled with everything – from the sublime, to the utterly ridiculous. And, as it is in the real world, I take things I see here with a grain of salt – never believe everything you read nor everything you hear.

So I sit and observe my home – it brings me joy and it brings me sorrow. It causes me to think and it causes me to doubt…

Jamaicans.com is my home and always will be. Even if I am never here, my heart will always be here.