A Community’s Character in Crisis

The Jamaican community is decaying before our eyes. The rot of urban ruin is sprawling from Kingston into villages and towns and borders of our national enclave. Teenagers are the new “Thug boys” roaming and shooting down ordinary citizens. While we speak the value on life is descending to alarming levels. Averaging 3 homicides daily, four double murder of rage alone in January 2003. The Jamaican family remains anxious, traumatised, paranoid even about the perpetual crisis which violence and crime is fuelling.

Fearfulness about the future not only characterise the Jamaican experience. In a world of chaos and discontent we are not isolated. The clashes of this new era remain global. A militant authority has been employed to clean up the hostilities. Men and women officially ordained by the state given increased power to fight what media pundits and public commentators have repeatedly been calling the monster of crime and lawlessness. The new terror is described as fierce, neither respectful of law and order nor is it motivated by genuine solidarity of people resisting evils brought by an oppressive order.

Spiritual bankruptcy
The nation has fallen into bankruptcy because Jamaican nationals have been selling their national assembly and becoming spiritually depraved. The conflict between capital and labour has intensified throughout much of independent Jamaican life. The political leaders and institutions have mismanaged the collective resources leaving national mobilisation for a compassionate society suffering from intense social disorder.

The result so far makes for an even more ominous future. The society is less confident about political stewardship than they are about their individual liberty. Increasing personal wealth through the money markets. is all on some folks minds Wealth is consolidating rapidly, investor posses the power and resources to profit from huge savings in the local financial markets. What used to be direct investment in human capital toward social stability has given way to speculative capital. The benefits that used to be derived from the injection of foreign investment to a host country is gradually non existent as a deeper and more vicious cycle of buying and selling currencies on speculation is accelerating the outflows of funds from the economy turning weaknesses into disasters.

The abdication of spiritual responsibility by Jamaicans is a question of stepping ahead with the global elite of the world without any concern for social anarchy or economic security of the most vulnerable and poor among us. Economic historians point to reckless Laissez – faire capitalism of the 19th century which led to the birth of marxism, communism, and renewed fascism, as examples of where the current liberalism could end. Globalisation as it was dubbed on arrival pre Y2K unified the entire world as one market in which the most efficient and most competitive prospered.

Continued migration of skilled and specific unskilled Jamaicans abroad nurses, doctors, teacher, technician, farmers, hotel workers, even bankers, is an indication of the diminished loyalty and commitment by citizens to protect the resources which their “Zion” or nation state inherited from God.

Post Y2K there has been spontaneous economic disasters which are creating clashes between political and economic realms. The fundamentals of global economics declare there is one world in which all forms of capital flows freely to multinationals. Politics on the other hand divides the world into nations where each government determines its own fate. The lack of confidence in the economy of one’s country today triggers the outflow of resources to other foreign economies. The availability of funds to flow rapidly in and out of countries due to new telecommunication technology has supported this economic system.

Globalists vs Nationalits
The culture wars between National state and Globalist ideology is what we are currently seeing across the planet. Globalism agenda is being waged from the leader of the free world, in Washington D.C. and the Nationalist agenda from church pulpits, rural towns and inner city communities. Jamaica like all nation states of the world has not escaped the pressures of the global economy. From increased drug trafficking, gun smuggling, trade deficit, open skies airline agreement or squabbles about de- certification heralded the new order that has been hammering away at us.

The cold war era was one of a fight of similar origins. For Jamaica and black nationalists around the world the post world war era until the 1990’s was anything but peaceful. Those who supported the capitalist market economy fought against those with a nationalist economy agenda. Backed by globalists within our borders and those with the might and power of money abroad, the liberalised agenda in 1991 was put into fast track mode.

Let no one fool you, Jamaica’s enormous national debt was arrived at as a result of wild consumerism by government of the 1980’s and 1990’s who provided modern infrastructure, civil and social services that were used to empower men and women who had converted to being globalists.

Globalists like colonialists, industrialists and imperialists are folks who use their position, status, skills, knowledge and talents not to further a community socially. They instead are people who strategically position themselves to maximise economic wealth. Their voice in the micro- community is usually one that seems fair in principle yet their record is best illustrated by increasing their own profit.

Brain drain rebounds again
Their is a group of people from our history either seem to migrate, moving economic wealth to alien land or they remain at the top of the society, enjoying all the amenities of the multinationals at home and abroad. In an article titled “outward bound” September 2002, the economist quoted figures from a Latin America think tank that suggested that 75 % of Jamaica’s most educated minds lived abroad. This they concluded was the result of recurring brain drain.

This knowledge is changing immigrant procedures in granting visa’s in Kingston. For even the foreign consulates know that it is the Jamaican whom have Not immersed themselves in the luxury of the national treasures who is the greatest flight risk. It’s not by accident that visa policy dictate asking to see your bank statement, job letter stating salary, education, and collateral owned. The idea is to grant entry to the national who will defect while having funds or brains to invest into their economy.

Migrating, legally or illegally is expensive. A higher proportion of the well educated can afford to emigrate than the poor sites the economist. These upwardly mobile normally provide a stabilising political effect on nations we are told. So when a large exodus occurs it leaves behind gaps in the society. Hence the chaos and fight over resources which causes the downward spiral of economy and nation.

One thing that screams out at me is that the “yuppie”, upper class types seem dangerous in any society they exist. For they seem not to want to share their possessions with the poor. It doesn’t matter where they live, if things are relatively slow socio-economically they sell out the dollar and purchase a life in some called greener pastures elsewhere.

From unpaid student loans through valuable intellectual capital being lost, small nation states like Jamaica will unlikely recover from the debt of the upper class. In a sort of double edge sword it’s the yuppie who continues to drive up the cost in real estate in Jamaica. Having opt out of the nation some people spend new monies at home inflating land prices while helping to prop up an overvalued exchange rate and speculating on returns from the Jamaican financial market masrkets.

Who shall speak up for Jamaica’s poor
This leaves us with wide canyons in disparities between a suffering class and a already secured class of opportunists.

The idea that Jamaica’s poor is lazy and freeloaders is usually the talk of this ruling class. Air conditioned comforted many economically successful are never prepared to cut their appetites and band their bellies so that other downpressed persons can eat food too. Their taste for alien goods and services usually clouds their commitment to help the poor.

They prefer spending more on highways, airport security upgrades, telecommunications, gas guzzling SUV, fancy cars, and construction of new government buildings. They usually believe in selling out more of the national treasures to multinationals as a token of increased economic capital injected into local money markets that will increase returns from the wealth machinary of secondary markets.

It’s not the poor who favour subsidising and bailing out of corporate companies that are not profitable. The wicked wealthy and unpatriotic class is the one who has been borrowing and not repaying. Poor patriotic Jamaicans will never be able to understand why government policy chooses to increase public service wages inline with private corporations, while the nation revenue is not able to balance with those recurring expenditure.

The burden of national debt and gaps in tax revenue exist because the yuppies asked for FINSAC and special interests groups of the society including political loyalists in the ruling political class were given exemptions that allowed them to walk around freely without paying their obligation.

Yet the yuppies always believe that the poor needs to work harder like them to gain wealth.

The fact is the poor has no one who favours them, for favouritism in Jamaica is always given to those in higher or similar income brackets. The biggest crony’s in Jamaica are the ones who have been given much, they have become more and more self indulgent, exploiting public opinion, public trust, public cooperation.

It gets worse, to keep the simple Jamaican labourer from being deluded, crack pot corporations and statutory companies are employing soothsayer psychologists and financial marketing gurus and money managers who along with unions are prescribing sorcery tactics. Hoard of philosophical brainwashing has been buying workers out of their jobs and into the money market, allowing corporations to achieve their cost cutting- profit maximisation efforts.

The resistance movement of zionists or nationalists seem dead. The public purse or poor peoples is the one who is off setting the tax right off of multinationals. Poor Jamaicans who have no plans of migrating hardly get any improvements in welfare. When the dollar devalues the rich passes the cost of their speculating as inflationary cost to the poor. Yet in the workplace during cost cutting exercises, budgetary planning or retooling, the poor again is the one who loses their job first.

Yet it’s the ruling class who argues throw the poor in prison if they protest and stand against the Status -quo.The voice of the poor is seldom heard in a democracy. They wield no power yet everything they do is harder because they lack capital resources similar to the rich. Few are prepared to help. Don’t we recognise that its not that the poor doesn’t want to work but that it’s the complex nature of the society and the exploitative nature of the yuppies that is perverting their humblest beginnings.

Mobalization of the national community
By standing with the poor in Jamaica, we could easily stabilise the national community. A new partnership between the people of Jamaica and their God is what is needed to once again proclaim in Zion victory over the beast of terror. Until all nationals recognise that Gods house is badly decaying and that their victimisation of the poor is equal to persecution of God people then the looting and burning will continue in Babylon. The Kingdom of God is within us, it has no walls and no boundaries.

It was Jamaica’s national prophet Bob Marley who said “I don’t know why them separating the people putting them in classes, upper class, middle class… how must we separate the people after the people is not animal”. JAH is earth rightful ruler and him nuh run nuh wire fence.

We owe it to ourselves as a nation of Zion, out of many one people to step out of the globalised ideology and protect our collective pursuit for a compassionate society that is not dependent on money but depend on the creator.

If we are not money grabbers we can still live. Jamaicans have no need to be greedy. Their is enough natural wealth that can cure our appetites for basic food, clothing, and shelter. We need not be anxious about the things that heathens are anxious about because our Heavenly Father has provided abundance for us and will continue to provide for us.