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Imagine a radio station which teach children the ways of God. Consider the meek and innocent, vulnerable and weak, expanding their minds with the inspiring words of the spirit, singing songs of hope, reading bible verses, delivering messages of peace, while praising and worshipping the name of God in prayer across the land.

Uniting the VOICES of Christian faith ministry in Jamaica, the National Religious Media Company, which operates Love FM and LOVE TV, remains the nations third most popular radio and television channels.

LOVE FM began transmitting on February 14, 1993. The station entered the radio market with a new untried product of faith ministry for Jamaicans. Fully conscious of the religious platform on which the nation’s basic family life is structured, the media evangelists wasted no time in getting their mission and message to the citizens of this amazing country.

It was not by coincidence that the station signed on at 6:00 am, Sunday, February 14. In fact the decision of having a spectacular start date was something managers of the station carefully planned and implemented. Ambitions of giving LOVE FM to the nation on the day people the world over pay tribute to those they love – Valentine’s Day was no simply feat and since that glorious day, many Jamaicans have welcomed this station as a blessing in every sense of the word.

Since the test transmission of 1993, the response from listeners has been tremendous. Christians and Non-Christians have welcomed the presence of LOVE 101 on the air, communicating messages of thanksgiving through letters, telegrams and telephone calls. The station’s format of religious, instrumental and classical music, word ministry, counseling, news and problem solving talk sessions have been receiving much acclaim.

The mission of LOVE FM continues to be that of providing religious, cultural, historical and educational media products, which Jamaican families in all walks of life can full-joy.

Its sister station, LOVE TV, which was launched on Monday, June 29, 1998, also complements the efforts of the FM radio services.

Jamaica’s youngest television station entered the media landscape with a market share of 3% audience. Over the past 5 years the numbers have improved steadily, along with program output and viewer transmission coverage, all to the delight of listeners and viewers.

LOVE TV, originates transmission at broadcast house on Channel 17. (U.H.F.) The signal is relayed to the Corporate Area, St. Catherine, Clarendon and sections of St. Ann and St. Thomas on Channel 6 (V.H.F.) and on Channel 3 to parts of St. Ann and Manchester.

LOVE TV, offers 24 hours per day broadcast with local and foreign News, Religious Word Ministry Programs, Children Programmes, Documentaries, Movies and Concert Showcases. The main emphasis continues to be the family.

Public demand for more of LOVE TV has caused an acceleration of plans to improve the signal quality. LOVE TV appears on a number of the Cable Systems in the Corporate Area and also on Cable Systems in St. Catherine and Clarendon.

Through radio programmes such as “Small People”, “Gospel Music Machine”, “Morning Glory” and “Solid Rock”, LOVE FM continues to bring religious values to a disparate Jamaica. Giving the wind a mighty voice, come home to lovely television, Super 101.

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