10 questions for G2k Generation 2000 President Mr. Ryan Strachan

Today I interview, Ryan Strachan President of G2k Jamaica. Generation 2000. The young professionals wing of the ruling Jamaica Labor Party. As the country braces for local government elections, Strachan speaks about the readiness of G2k to secure a major victory at the polls.

How does it feel to be returned unopposed as president of (G2K) Generation 2000?
Firstly, thanks for having me. It is a pleasure to speak with you this afternoon. Serving a second term gives rise to many feelings, including the weight of expectation that stems from the delegates’ expressed vote of confidence. It is an honour to serve the Organization, and hopefully, one good term will lead to another. Short answer – it feels great!

What kind of leadership style can Jamaicans expect from you?
Confident. Collaborative. Constitutional. Consistent. There is always a vision and a plan, and the plan this year is to affirm ourselves as a National Movement. We relaunched a Chapter in Manchester in October 2020, and we expect to launch another Chapter shortly, whilst relaunching a few others. It is not relaunching for relaunching sake, but to more demonstrate our support for those members who have been working hard as a collective and require the support of the Executive to continue their growth. Manchester is a great example of that.

You have grown and matured into an amazing leader, at what age did you envisioned joining representational politics?
Well firstly, thank you, and that is a great question! I think politics chose me. I have been a Jamaica Labour Party supporter all of my adult life, and being a Type-A personality, I only sought to get involved and participate. Truth be told, I’d have been fine being a regular member and supporter. It was somewhere around 35/36 that it became clear to me that there was an opportunity to expand the extent of my participation, and here we are. Let us see what the future holds. I am enjoying the day.

How have you been received by the JLP leadership?
Warmly. Since becoming President, I have begun to understand why they say the JLP is a family. I sincerely feel like I am part of a family, and the leadership have definitely demonstrated that. Starting from the top, our Party Leader has spoken at multiple G2K AGMs and obviously takes keen interest in the Organization. Further, The JLP General Secretary in particular, (and members of the Area Council Leadership 4 by extension) have also extended great support for which I am most grateful.

Who is your most favorite Jamaican and why?
Wow – after much thought and consideration, it would be Usain Bolt, as far as public figures go. Primarily because he went through the depths of despair (pre-2007) to the highest of highs, and has remained the coolest superstar in the world probably. I have a ton of respect for Bolt.

What part did G2k play in the return of the Holness administration to the government?
Our fair share. Firstly, we were in the media quite a bit and created a presence in the space. Not just advertisements, but in terms of interviews and analysis. Secondly, we were in 200+ PDs (Polling Divisions) and participated in some measure of Constituency Organization at various points.

G2K Alums comprised 7 of the 15 NEW seats won by the JLP, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we found ways to interface with our colleagues also.

The rest of our work will remain unwritten, but the Party expressed gratitude and it was a pleasure to participate in the historic outcome.

What are your long-term goals for the G2k?
The two main priorities (among others) are to (1) Ensure our continued growth as a NATIONAL MOVEMENT (via our Chapter network) that attracts and retains Young Professionals from all over the island. And (2) rebuilding our corporate muscle and profile. We have the politics more or less covered, and continue to improve in that space, but we have some work to do elsewhere.

Do you think Jamaica should abandon the British Monarch and adopt a Republican form of government?
Excellent question – I believe the Citizens of Jamaica should have the right to decide on this matter via a referendum.

How much support do you get from your family and would you say this is integral to your development?
A tremendous amount and it is fundamental to my development. The best part about my family is that they have allowed me to grow in my interaction with them. The topics of conversation with the generation above mine (Parents, Aunts, Uncles) has matured, as the years have gone by.

I am especially-appreciative of that feature of our relationship(s).

What are some of your daily challenges you overcome each day that passes by?
The biggest one is trying to find enough hours in the day to be a Husband, Businessman and President. Separate and apart from that, with the stock market for instance, markets can spike or fall on a moment’s notice. The important thing is having a strong team, in all areas of life, who help to lighten the load.

In G2K for instance, that would be my VPs, General Secretary, Legal Advisor and my Council.

In the office, it’s my Wealth Officer/Research Analysts, and well at home, that’s my wife. I bear the weight of Business Development, so still trying to figure that one out! Somehow it all comes together, by the grace of God.

What is your age and what high school did you attend?
I am 38, and attended Campion College – best school ever!