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Little Lion Goes for Gold – Jamaican Book Review

About the Book

Little Lion leads the pack! Young Zachariah Zion returns for his third challenge – winning a medal for his school’s track team.  At first, his little legs fail him, but with hard work and help from his father, he rises to the occasion. The book is written in rhyme and is meant for children age 8 and under.

Little Lion Goes for Gold follows Little Lion at Bat (2007) and Little Lion Goes to School (2003). Illustrated by award-winning, Jamaican artist Michael Robinson, the book features the colourful and charming illustrations that have made the series popular with both adults and children. The series tells the story of a young Rastafarian boy (nicknamed Little Lion by his father) and his adventures growing up in Jamaica. The series has been heralded for featuring a positive father-son relationship, positive social themes for children, as well as a fun and entertaining rhyme scheme.

This book is a great for children. In light of Jamaica’s record haul at the 2008 Olympics in track and field the book looks at competing from a child’s prospect. The little lion character is like any child who get down when they are not doing well. His father plays s major role in his life to encourage him to do his best. The message is great. It is a good book for children. -  K. Simone

About the Author: Kellie Magnus

Kellie Magnus is the Editorial Director of the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) at the University of the West Indies, and head of the Institute’s business unit, CARIMAC.com . In this capacity, she is responsible for the development of print, video, audio and interactive products, primarily designed with educational and informational objectives. 

Kellie’s areas of interest include children’s media, particularly at the early childhood level. She is a Director of Jackmandora, a Caribbean children’s media company. She is the author of the Little Lion children’s book series — Little Lion Goes to School (2003), Little Lion at Bat (2007) and Little Lion Goes for Gold (2008) — and has written several books (Sunday Dinner; I am Growing; Billy the Bully; Careful, Carefree; and Doctor Birds) for the Ministry of Education’s revised primary school curriculum. Kellie was one of the developers of Max and Friends, a multimedia package designed for children with autism and related developmental disorders. The package included 3 episodes of a live-action television series, children’s books, a CD of original songs and a manual for teachers and parents. Most recently, she was one of the authors of Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band, a picture book and CD project featuring the voice of Grammy winning recording artist, Shaggy. 

Kellie is a graduate of Harvard and Columbia universities. Her graduate work at Columbia combined educational technology and media, with an emphasis on technology and media for children, and the management of information, communication and media resources. She serves on the Boards of the Early Childhood Commission, the Gentles Early Childhood Development Centre and the Book Industry Association of Jamaica.

About the Artist : Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is a Jamaican artist whose diverse body of work includes painting, sculpture and computer generated imagery.

“I am an imagesmith, not a sculptor or a painter or graphic designer,” says Mike. “I am in the business of creating images that transfer ideas to the minds of others. Whether I create that image with pieces of wire or pigments and brushes or computer software, my aim is to get the idea across in the most efficient way.”

Mike is currently a graphic designer at the Jamaican Business Development Centre and is a co-owner of a t-shirt company that specializes in urban Jamaican designs.

He has won several awards at the national level – including a silver medal – for writing as well as fine art.

Mike is a founding member of Atman, a group of young Jamaican artists known for their habit of exhibiting in non-traditional spaces to make art more accessible to the wider community. He has exhibited at the Grosvenor and Mutual Life Galleries in Kingston and at group shows in the Caribbean and Japan.

Mike lives in Kingston, Jamaica with his wife Tammy, a psychologist and their six month old daughter, India.

“As a recent initiate to fatherhood, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to children’s books,” says Mike. “When this project came along, I was very impressed with the story. The messages were positive and meaningful and the storyline was fresh and undeniably Jamaican.”

“Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the project. As an illustrator, I was humming with ideas since the first time I read the draft. As a parent, I’m excited to be a part of a project that will make a valuable contribution to childhood education.”

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