Ms. 2003

Tell us about your reaction when you heard you had won

When I discovered I won Ms. I began to cry tears of joy, because the past two years has been some of the most difficult of my life. After 9/11, my industry became very shaky. My house was foreclosed on, my car was in the process of being reposed and my relationship with my family & mate turned for the worst. It seemed as though I didn’t have a friend in the world. Depression soon became my closest friend. And so being crowned Ms. was the ray of sunshine that peeked thru the clouds after a terrible storm.

When you first heard about the contest what did you think?

When I first heard of the contest I thought, “Oh how fun!” Never in a million years did I think I would win. But, I thought I would give it a shot to keep my mind occupied with something positive. I figured that it was a nice way to interact with the family and invite them into my world, thoughts, hopes, prayers, & dreams.

Why did you enter the contest?

I entered the contest to have fun, meet board members & become more acquainted with different personalities who entered the contest as well as me.

Have you gotten any feedback from other boardites?

The feedback that I have received from the other boardites has been very positive and welcoming. But to be honest, Tropicana was most embracing– as I felt as though she was able to sense some of my heavy burdens at the time in some kind of telepathically womanly way… and she sent me a “psst” note… when I was writing a thank you note to the board for just allowing me to participate & share some of my idea’s for the world— unrenowned to me… I had already won.

What does being Ms. mean to you?

I take the title of Ms. very seriously! As with any title of honor there comes a certain respect & expectation your community of peers has for you, so I want to hold to the standards & principles that is based on. As the board has the motto “Out of Many One People …” I am one of the MANY that could have been chosen to wear the crown, but this community gave this honor to me– a little ole’ country girl from Ohio, who was only introduce to Jamaica by way of a love affair gone sour. My love flourished into a full blown love affair with the website community that genuinely welcomed me with open arms during a very difficult period in my life. I can only embrace the favor with the trueness, courage, honesty, loyalty & unconditional love that I carry in my heart, in everyday life. But most importantly, being Ms. is a testimony to being true to ones self and only goodness can follow.

What would you like to see in the next contest?

In the next contest I would like to see the same excitement, participation & commitment to representing’s image in the same positive light as with this 2003 contest. It was light hearted, open minded, & peaceful. Not a bit of negativity. We should strive to keep the board filled with the same vibes.

Did you have any idea you would become a part of the board?

Absolutely not. I thought I would be a ” been there done that… lost love story…” ending up running away from the website with my tail between my legs…

What were thoughts of the bulletin board when you first visited?

When I first visited I thought, “What a well put together site!” Positive, informative, open minded, full of expression, with topics of interest to visitors, & citizens of Jamaica.

Where in the world are you located?

Honestly I’m located everywhere—see that was me that just zoomed above your head a minute ago!! Just kidding! My job has me traveling around the world & back in a day, but for the most part, I call Cleveland, Ohio home. But if I ever strike it rich, you better bet that Jamaica will be my home away from home…. Ahhhhh…..Jamaica, a little piece of heaven on earth…

What advice do you have for Mr. and Ms. contestants for next year?

Carry Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Respect & Godliness in everything you do and life will reward you with the riches you truly deserve.

Humbly, Miss 2003

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