13 Nicknames Jamaicans Give You When They Love You

Old time Jamaican people would say, – ‘every hoe ‘av him stick a bush’. This means there is someone out there for everybody. When a Jamaican is in love with you, it’s possible that you will be given a special nickname. And the nickname you’re given is a good indicator of the level of affection and adoration your Jamaican lover has for you.

Let’s explore a few of those names and decode the Jamaican level of affection.

Putus –  Affection level – medium 

If you’re a “putus”, your love has stood the test of time and it is handled with a gentle sweetness.

Z’addy – Affection level – high

Not originally Jamaican but popularly used just the same. This nickname is usually assigned to a man who a Jamaican woman finds very attractive.

Mumma Affection level – high

This is a lusty affection and deep attraction. You might hear “Mumma! Yuh look good!”

Mumz – Affection level – high

When you get to the point where you lover refers to you as mumz in your relationship, you know you have weathered the storm and he has the utmost respect for you. You probably share a child together or its in the books.

Sweets – Affection level – low 

A unisex nickname, very casual love.

Empress – Affection level – high 

Originally a term used by Rastafarians, but now used by Jamaican men when referring to a woman they hold in high regard. In most cases, the real “wifey”.

Sugar plum – Affection level – high

When a Jamaican starts telling people that you are “sugar plum”, you have your Jamaican lover’s heart in a bag.

Babes Affection level – low to medium

While it is a common name mostly used in relationships, it can also be casually used with friends.

Mi WomanAffection level – high

A Jamaican man in a serious relationship often refer to his partner as “mi woman”.

Mi ManAffection level – high

Similar to “mi woman”, this term used by Jamaican women in serious relationships to refer to their male partners.

Wife- Affection level – high

This term of endearment stand as a testament to the depth and uniqueness of love. It is more than just a word; it is a windows into your Jamaican lover’s heart.

If you are dating  a Jamaican, try using a few of these nicknames and observe how your lover reacts.  I wish you ‘a bagga blushings’ -a lot of blushes.

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