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15 Best Bob Marley Romantic Songs

Bob Marley

A unique voice in the music industry was silenced when legendary Jamaican reggae artist and pioneer, Bob Marley, lost his battle with skin cancer in 1981. He’s known around the world for music that advocated for freedom, social justice, political protest, and righteous revolution. The artist also sang about love in all its many forms, capturing the excitement of first love, the erotic intimacy between lovers, and the enduring, spiritual love of mature relationships.

Marley was born Feb. 6, 1945 in Nine Mile, British Jamaica, and his artistry encompassed the full spectrum of love. He understood that to be able to love others, one must be able to love themselves. Marley was especially sensitive to the plight of women and his lyrics demonstrate that.

His ability to precisely articulate the emotions found in all types of love is a testament to his unique ability and the soul of a man that had experienced those profound feelings for himself. He expressed the full complement of emotions when he performed romantic songs that invited audiences to come along for the journey. His romantic songs are some of the best of all time with a message that showed love is universal.

1.“Is This Love?”

2. “Waiting in Vain”

3. “Stir It Up”

4. “Adam and Eve”

5. “I’m Still Waiting”

6. “Mellow Mood”

7. “Turn Your Lights Down Low”

8. “No Woman, No Cry”

9. “There She Goes”

10. “Baby, We’ve Got a Date (Rock it Baby)”

11. “Try Me”

12. “Don’t Rock My Boat (Satisfy My Soul)”

13. “Chances Are”

14. “Could You Be Love?”

15. “One Love”


15 Best Bob Marley Romantic Songs

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