3 Life-Changing Moments at Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest in Negril, Jamaica

Protoje and Friends...Jeanalindo


That’s the word to describe our experience at the recently held Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest in the casual capital of Jamaica, Negril.

Think about sun, sand and se…..serenity! This part-retreat, part-culture festival started on April 30 and wrapped on May 5 and it offered the perfect blend of personal development classes, yoga sessions, nightly entertainment and the best in Jamaican novelties on show at the day-time craft village.

This was my first time attending the festival with Jamaicans.com photographer, Jeana Lindo and while we were just in time to catch the events on this year’s itinerary held at Woodstock Bar and Grill on Norman Manley Boulevard, it was a spectacular culture learning and psychologically-enriching experience!

Buss A Whine! Tmrw. Tday Fest Jeanalindo

Buss A Whine!
Disc Jock Max Glazer out of New York Spinning Sweet Hits on the Wheels of Steel during Concert Night 5 at Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest in Negril. Photographer: Jeana Lindo

According to the organizers, who were celebrating its 3rd staging in Negril, the festival serves to bring ‘Tribers’ from different parts of the globe together so they can reconnect with their inner passions, identify and accept their life’s purpose and spread loving energy all around.

Here are three highlights of our experience at the 2019 Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest

  • Protoje and Naomi Cowans’ live performances

Backed by the Indiggnation Band, Grammy-nominated Reggae Superstar Protoje was the headliner on the 5th day of the festival and he certainly moderated the choir (the audience) of Reggae lovers in a sing-a-long to his best hits including those from his very first album.

Protoje Performs at Tmrw.Tday Fest

Protoje Headlines Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest. Photo by Jeana Lindo


It was sheer joy to watch he and his friends in music, Sevana and Jesse Royal, spit the lyrics of their popular track, ‘Sudden Flight’. Both artistes also spent a few minutes on stage to deliver performances from their catalogues, including sneak peek of their new music!!!

One of his musical children, Lila Ike joined Protoje on stage for a soulful performance of their fresh collab, ‘Not Another Word’ with Agent Sasco (Sasco wasn’t at the festival).

Earlier in the show, Carlene Davis and Tommy Cowans’ pride and joy and fast-rising Reggae star, Naomi Cowan delivered an energetic medley of Jamaican oldies but goodies. She was accompanied by newcomers Zia Benjamin and Jaz Elise to the delight of many patrons who longed to hear those songs.


Lila Ike and Protoje

Lila Ike and Protoje during their performance of “Not Another One”


Jazz Elize and Naomi Cowan

(L-R) Jaz Elise and Naomi Cowan on stage.
Photo by: Jeana Lindo


New Faces of Reggae Music at Tmrw.Tday Fest. Jeanalindo

(L-R) Jaz Elise, Zia Benjamin and Naomi Cowan pose for quick photos at the close of their set on concert night 5 at 2019 Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest in Negril


  • Yoga By the Beach

Whether you are a yoga junkie or you have never tried it, the yoga sessions were fun at the festival!

Tmrw.Tday Fest

Yoga Class at Irie Soul Beach Studio during Retreat Day 5 at the 2019 staging Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest in Negril, Jamaica. Photo captured by Jeana Lindo

Tribe Leaders (the title bestowed on most instructors and trainers at the Festival) led large classes of attendees through a series of refreshing lessons at the Irie Soul Beach Studio, overlooking the beach and the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. And according to some of the attendees who participated, the sessions really left them feeling rejuvenated. Our photographer, Jeana Lindo spent a few minutes participating in the ‘Yoga for Manifestation class’ with Dylan and Krystal Chong.

Yoga at Tmrw.Tday Fest, Jeanalindo

Long Stretch!!!!!
More Yoga at 2019 Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest. Photo snapped by Jeana Lindo


  • Diverse Novelties on Sale

While all the vendors at Tmrw. Tday Culture Fest were not Jamaican-born, the craft and art showcase was incredible! Of course, Jeana and I (because we’re slightly biased) spent a longer time perusing the booths of hand-made souvenirs, jewellery, and clothes made by Jamaican craftsmen and women. I got a deal on a beautiful stone and beads necklace and Jeana…well, let’s say she got enough novelties to keep her until the 2020 staging of the festival (laughs).

Jamaican craft vendors on 7 Mile Beach...Jeana Lindo

Jamaican craft vendors on 7 Mile Beach. Photo Captured by Jeana Lindo

All in all, we had the most fun at this year’s staging of the Tmrw. Tday Culture Festival and we’re excited about the 2020 staging.

Booth Display Tmrw.Tday Fest Jeanalindo

Booth Display at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest at Woodstock Bar and Grill in Negril. Photo taken by Jeana Lindo

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