5 Adventurous Things To Do As A Couple In Jamaica

If your relationship is nothing but a grand adventure, why not bring that spirit with you on your visit to Jamaica? The island offers many adventurous spots that are great for kindling romance as much as a candlelight dinner at the hotel. Start with these 5 Adventurous Things To Do as a couple in Jamaica, and be sure to take along a good camera to capture these special moments.

1. Jump off the Cliff at Negril together

Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica - Photo by nika_hakuna_matata
Cliff Diving at Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica – Photo by Nika Hakuna Matata

The golden hues of the setting sun form the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening at the Negril Cliffs. Though not recommended or endorsed by local businesses, this is a great place to dive into the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea but only if you are both expert divers. You will be joined by several local youths who perform incredible acrobatic stunts to the amusement of those around them. Please note that you engage in this activity at your own risk.

2. Swim with Dolphins

Swim with dolphins in Jamaica Brittney.f.1011
Swiming with dolphins in Jamaica – Photo by Brittney

Swimming with the dolphins on Jamaican’s northern coastline is a great activity for couples. Aside from excitement of swimming with the dolphins as they perform various tricks, be sure to have your photos taken with these wonderful creatures to capture the memories being created.

3. River rafting on the Martha Brae

River rafting on the Martha Brae Steph_liveitloveit
River rafting on the Martha Brae – Photo by Steph

Arguably the most romantic activity of all, rafting on the Martha Brae takes you on a nice, easy trip down the most peaceful river in Jamaica. As the two of you float along on the skillfully crafted bamboo raft, feel free to hold hands while you take in the beauty and wonder of the natural forest around you.

4. Swim in the Luminous Lagoon

Swim in the luminous lagoon Jamaica Sandra Mae
Swimming in the Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica -Photo by Sandra Mae

Located just outside of Montego Bay in the town of Falmouth, the luminous lagoon is so called for the millions of microscopic organisms that glow to light up the water at night. Take a romantic boat ride and observe the natural beauty or jump into the waters and take a swim to observe the spectacle up close.

5. Go hiking or biking in the Blue Mountains

Biking in the Blue Mountains in  Jamaica – Photo by Denebnava

For one of the most breathtaking sceneries in Jamaica, take a hike or bike up the Blue Mountains and explore the home of the world’s best coffee. The trek along the narrow path is usually done in the early morning to catch the magnificent sunrise peeking over the mountain top. The seven-hour journey is a rich ecological diversity of indigenous plants and spectacular views of the city of Kingston and the St. Thomas’ coastline.