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5 Amazing Jamaican Patty Combos You Must Try

5 Amazing Jamaican Patty Combos You Must Try Patty and Sugar Bun

One of the most popular snack foods in the country, the Jamaican patty is a spicy meat stew baked inside a flaky golden crust. The original patty was baked using ground beef stew as the filling, flavoured with local herbs, spices and generous helpings of Scotch Bonnet pepper. These days, there is an array of patty flavours in addition to the regular beef patty – from beef with cheese, to curry chicken, lobster, and even ackee patties. And just as we often do with the foods we love, Jamaicans have discovered several tasty eats that go well with the beloved patty.

1. Patty and coco bread

The original patty combo, patty and cocobread (or folding bread as it is called by some) is still a big favorite among Jamaicans. Often sold as a set meal, the coco bread is sometimes made in the shape of a half moon so that the patty can fit perfectly inside. Many establishments also offer a wheat option for health conscious patty lovers.

2. Patty and bun and cheese
5 Amazing Jamaican Patty Combos You Must Try Patty and Bun and Cheese

The sweet spiced bun with cheese is another popular snack among the locals. You might think this is an odd combination but leave it to adventurous Jamaicans to pair these two together. The savoury patty and the sweet bun are beautifully balanced by the sharp flavour of cheddar cheese.

3. Patty and hardo bread
The soft, fluffy goodness of a warm slice of hardo bread is the perfect substitute for the patty when coco bread is not available. It can be bought at any supermarket, corner shop, or fresh from the oven of the local bakery whilst it is still hot.

4. Patty and sugar roll
5 Amazing Jamaican Patty Combos You Must Try Patty and Sugar Bun

If patty can be paired with bun then it can certainly form unions with other equally attractive partners. The sweet smoothness of the sugar roll combined with the hot and spicy patty is a heavenly treat for the taste buds.

5. Patty and roti
Mix two cultures together by combining the distinctive spicy flavor of the Jamaican patty with the smooth taste of a plain roti. Though not as popular as the cocobread, the Indian inspired roti has been popularized in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries. The thin flatbread is well worth its place in this combo, as it allows the flavour of the patty to take center stage over the subtle roti taste.

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