5 FREE Things to do in Negril

5 free things to do in Negril

Of all the resort areas in Jamaica, Negril is known as the party capital. It is where visitors come to totally unwind and have fun in the tropics. You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time in Negril. Here are 5 free things you can do in the resort town.

1. Visit the Arts Market


Negril has a vibrant market where many local artisans showcase the skills they have honed over many years. There, you can watch them carve out magnificent replicas of giraffes, elephants, birds as well as local iconic symbols. These wood carvings are available for sale at reasonable prices. But if you are on a budget, you can simply enjoy watching the work of a skilled craftsman.

2. Walk the beach
walk the beach the 7 mile beach

The Negril coastline is world famous for its 7 mile white sand beach. You can spend a few hours strolling the beach as the pristine waters lap at your feet. Along the way, you can purchase little trinkets or enjoy a fresh coconut from local vendors.

3. Diving at Ricks Café

This is perhaps the most famous dive spot in the Caribbean. Though not recommended due to safety concerns, that doesn’t stop some tourists from joining local youth and taking daring 40-foot plunges off the cliff. Those with an adventurous spirit will enjoy the exhilarating feeling of flying through the air to the Caribbean Sea, against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

4. Volunteer at school

Negril offers several opportunities for visitors to volunteer and help the local community. The Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET) is a non-profit organization that supports the community through education, health and donations of books, tablets and other activities. Visitors can join a program to volunteer at a local elementary school and share stories of their culture with the students.

5. Yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach Fit Bodies Inc
Yoga on the beach – Photo by Fit Bodies Inc.

Yoga enthusiasts should be on the lookout for the occasional free yoga class offered at some properties. Usually available only to hotel guests, a few properties will open their doors from time to time to invite visitors to join a free yoga class on Negril’s white sand beach.