5 Jamaican YouTubers to Watch While in Quarantine

5 Jamaican YouTubers to Watch While in Quarantine - Simply local

As COVID-19 continues to keep us indoors, you might be getting a little cabin fever and even more than that with flight restrictions, you might be missing your visits to Jamaica! Here are some YouTubers to discover that will keep you connected while you’re away.

Miles Guide

Miles Guide on YouTube

This twenty-one-year-old travel and lifestyle YouTuber started the year off with a bang as she was nominated by Bashy Magazine as one of the YouTubers to Watch in 2020. Sarah Miles loves to share her adventures from feting to nightlife spots in her Weekender vlogs. She’ll also take you road-tripping to her favourite beaches and celebrating her birthday at Joy Spence’s Appleton Estate Rum Tour. Her videos are filmed in a reality show type feel with cameos from her best friends all set against an epic soundtrack.

She also shows firsthand the behind-the-scenes of running a thrift pop-up with her Mukkle Thrift vlogs.”

Annesha Adams
Annesha Adams Jamaica travel tips and vlogs on YouTube

Annesha Adams fell in love with Jamaica when she moved back a couple of years ago. She’s become the quintessential island girl (check out her shower routine in the river!) and although she does tech, hair, and makeup tutorials, she also loves sharing her perspective on  “country” life!

If you’re missing yard be sure to check out her vlogs about the best places to visit, how to move back to Jamaicahow to make your stay in Jamaica easier. 10 things she noticed about living in Jamaica and so many more tips and adventures!

Simply local Youtube Vlog on Jamaica

Local travel blogger likes to trek off the unbeaten path by doing tours of  villas like the Land of Oshun and Go Natural Jamaica, where she offers discounts to her followers. She also posts unique videos about unique things to do in Jamaica, like how to make your own coffee and turtle hatching.

Also check out her how-to videos on how to have a fun girls night in, and how to make your own quarantine kit, Jamaican style!

Sue-Tanya McHorgh

Sue-Tanya vlog on the Jamaica Rum Festival

Girl boss Sue-Tanya covers a lot on her YouTube channel including lifestyle, business, fashion, and inspirational topics. As a website designer, she shares general tips on running a business but the fun stuff is her lifestyle videos! Watch her  Jamaica Rum Festival Vlog from earlier this year. Also, check out her vlog on Kingston Creative’s Artwalk and if you’re feeling the tabanca, watch her Jamaica Carnival 2019 vlog.

If you’re feeling a bit down about life in the time of COVID-19, check out her video on how to stay positive during this time.


Yaadmentz is a YouTube couple that loves to review different Jamaican food and drinks

One of the best things about Jamaica is the food! Yaadmentz is made up of a YouTube couple who share reviews on different Jamaican-made food and drinks. Check out their reviews on your favourite Jamaican food and drinks like the new Red Stripe Light Watermelon beerJamaican-made Kremi iciclesMiss Birdie’s Rock cake, and more!

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