5 Off The Path Things To Do In Jamaica

Tired of doing the regular “tourist” things. Here are 5 Off The Path Things To Do In Jamaica.

1. Visit a Rural Jamaica School
A visit to a rural Jamaican school can bring a great insight to the culture of the Jamaican people. You will see children in uniforms that are well starched and pressed. You will see teacher who do an excellent job with minimal materials. You will see students who excel even though they lack all the tools necessary for education.

2. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
See the bird life of Jamaica up close and personal at the Rocklands bird sanctuary at Anchovy. The birds will eat right out of your hand. You can see the 3 species of hummingbirds along with thrushes, owls, woodpeckers and many others. The sanctuary is owned and run by Ms Lisa Salmons’ an environmentalist and bird lover. The sanctuary is open daily to 3.00pm and there is a small charge to cover the cost of birdseeds

3. Horse Buggy Ride
Many people are not aware but in Montego Bay you can grab a horse and buggy ride. It is a great way to see Montego Bay most of the area and learn about the culture. You can book these rides through most of the hotels in the area however it is cheaper if you book it yourself. One of the other advantages of booking yourself is that you can negotiate for more time.

4. Manatees-Alligator Hole
Alligator Hole on the South Coast of Jamaica is “a hole in wall” town that has one claim to fame…you take a canoe ride on a river in the town and see the Manatees (Sea Cows). There are 3 manatees that still live here in the river that has crystal clear water. There is normally a guard at the river that will take you out in the boat for a small fee to see the manatees. Some have snorkeled in the river with manatees however we would not suggest it as rumor has it that there is an alligator there. Finding Alligator Hole is very difficult as there are no clear signs along the way to point you in the right direction. We suggest you get a local guide.

5. Jamaican Defense Force Training
On your way to or from the Blue Mountains ask your tour guide to stop at Newcastle in the hills north east of Kingston. It is an old British Fort that was established in 1841 by Major William Gomm. It was build as an escape to yellow fever that was ravaging through the plains below the hill. It is the training ground for the Jamaica Defense Force. A call head will assure that you will be given a tour and see some of the JDF in actually training.


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