5 Reasons You Must Move To Jamaica Before Trump Gets Elected As President

Republican candidate Donald Trump just won big on Super Tuesday in the U.S. presidential primary elections. Are you freaked out about this? Well, you are not alone. It turns out people everywhere in the U.S. are. They are so freaked out that Google searches for “How To Move To Canada” are at a sky high. But why move North to the cold? Why not go South to warm weather, beautiful beach and friendly people. Why not move to Jamaica ? Here are five reasons why packing up and going to Jamaica may be a great idea.

1. Jamaica is Trump Free

There are no Trump hotels or Trump casinos in Jamaica. The only real annoying load “buzz” you are going to hear in Jamaica are mosquitoes which you can easily get rid of with insect repellant.

2. A Rich Culture and People That Welcomes Immigrants

Jamaican People Are Friendly
Jamaican People Are Friendly

Trump does not want any immigrants to come to the USA. Jamaicans love foreigners. In fact, some would say we treat foreigners better than we treat locals. That would not be the case in a Trump presidency. Jamaicans are some of the most friendliest people in the world. The Jamaican motto is “Out of Many One People”.

3. The Jamaican dollar

Take out that one dollar bill in your purse or wallet. Do you know in Jamaica it’s worth $121.00 Jamaican dollars. It can go a long way when you live in Jamaica.

4. Great Food

Jamaican Food Jerk Chicken Rice And Peas
Jamaican Food Jerk Chicken Rice And Peas

Are you ready to have some of the greatest food in the world? It is no coincidence that Jamaican food is well known throughout the world for its great flavour. Jerk Chicken and the Jamaican patty is famous but there is so much more food to enjoy in Jamaica. Jamaica’s “Out of Many, One People” motto extends to Jamaican cuisine which draws from different cultures and people including Tainos, Africans, European, Chinese and Indians. Each of these groups brought their own way of cooking to the island and has created a culinary heritage of food that is delicious and satisfying.

5. Natural Beauty

Blue Hole Jamaica
Blue Hole, Jamaica

Pinch yourself…Yes, you are now living in Jamaica. Imagine living somewhere where every day is like being on vacation. You get the explore the natural beauty of Jamaica every day. You could also sit and watch the waves for hours, without ever worrying about what President Donald Trump is doing back in the USA.