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5 Things Olivia Pope Would Do if She Represented Usain Bolt

Our beloved champion, Usain Bolt, has been getting some negative press in the past 48 hrs. One would ask themselves, who’s handling his Crisis Management Department? While the headlines were rolling in and the pictures started to turn into memes, I thought to myself, what would Olivia Pope do in this situations. In an instant, I threw on my PR hat and came up with 5 things Olivia Pope and her Gladiators would do if their client was Usain Bolt.

1. Dig up the history behind all females involved and find their weak points, including the alleged fiancée

2. Get his alleged fiancée on a plane to Rio and have her and Usain laying poolside sipping margaritas (one of the gladiators will leak the pictures to the press)

3. Usain Publicly announces his engagement

4. Schedule an interview with HBO Real Sports, telling his story and struggles (include the fiancée)

5. Cut all said females a check for a substantial amount and every girl must sign an agreement to be silent about the situation, no interviews, no books, no story! Complete silence!

Photo Source: Scandal Fan Page

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