5 Ways Jamaica Could Make Athletics Its Next Big Industry

5 Ways Jamaica Could Make Athletics Its Next Big Industry

Athletics promises to bring major benefits to Jamaica as the top-quality performances of the island’s athletes in global competitions boost its brand recognition and prestige, encouraging more tourists to visit the country. The following are some of the ways the athletics industry can benefit Jamaica.

1. The athletics industry benefits local employers. Many athletes need jobs while they train and develop their sports skills. Jamaica can nurture their efforts and see significant contributions to the tourism market at the same time. Corporate sponsors could put athletes on their payrolls and provide them with health insurance, pensions and company vehicles and then receive tax deductions for doing so. Costs to a company would be recovered by raising the price of its products or services by a small percentage, and in this way, everyone who bought the product or service would be contributing to the upkeep of the nation’s athletes and participate in their success.

2. The country would benefit from having a state-of-the-art stadium. An ultra-modern athletic complex that could be placed on the toll highway near Ocho Rios. This location would put the facility within an hour’s drive of over half of the island’s population and the major tourist properties. A complex that included hotels and shopping venues, food courts and a museum showcasing athletic memorabilia would create interest in tourists and encourage more to visit.

3. A top-quality sports complex would also attract athletes from around the world to take advantage of its excellent training facilities. These could be complemented with accommodations, clinics, testing facilities, museums, and conference rooms. Lecture halls and theaters could offer venues for sports science and medicine, and even non-athletes could receive training in these related careers. The stadium could host events like the Diamond League meets and the Commonwealth Games as well as regional competitions like Boys and Girls Champs.

4. Athletic programs could be provided to inmates in prisons. These programs would give inmates goals to strive for and measurable achievements to enjoy. Many outstanding athletes received their first athletic training in reform schools or prisons, and their successes have brought fame and prestige to the entire Jamaican nation.

5. A state-of-the-art stadium could be designed as an iconic statement illustrating all Jamaica strives to be and become a destination that all Jamaicans and tourists would want to visit. The Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable structures in the world, and it was built for the 2008 Olympics. It now stands as a symbol of China’s excellence and innovation. An architectural symbol of Jamaica’s aspirations and attainments could be represented by an innovative sports venue.

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