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7 Amazing Jamaican Street Foods You Must Try

Boiled Crab

Boiled Crab by venlevy

Boiled Crab by Ven Levy

Heroes Circle in Kingston is the resting place of some of the most prolific leaders from Jamaica’s history but it’s also where the best boiled crab is found. This street food spot is so famous that it’s been featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network. At any time of day, motorists from all over the island will pull up for a healthy serving of boiled crab cooked in pepper and spices. This treat is definitely a must have when visiting Kingston.

Coconut water

Coconut water by annabelle841

Coconut water by Annie Singh

What’s a visit to a tropical island without island fruits? Though the coconut is not as plentiful in Jamaica as it once was, coconut water is still a very popular drink that is not only refreshing but is loaded with health benefits as well. Just watching the preparation is a show unto itself, as vendors skilfully wield a very sharp machete to cut an opening into the coconut. The Jamaican way is to drink the coconut water directly from the nut with a straw. If you wish to eat the ‘fleshy’ white innards of the nut, then you should also do it the island way using a spoon fashioned from the coconut bark.

Drum pan jerk chicken and pork

Jerk Chicken by tiakhp

Jerk Chicken by Tia Haynes

Jerk is undoubtedly the most famous food to come out of Jamaica. And it is as abundant here as the sun and sand. Jerk is a tantalizing combination of local seasonings infused with generous helpings of scotch bonnet pepper that is slathered onto chicken or pork, which is then slow cooked over an open fire. Authentic jerk is cooked over pimento wood to give it its unique flavor. Nonetheless, different versions of jerk chicken and pork are found all over the island. Ask for recommendations and the locals will gladly point you to where the most heavenly jerk can be found.

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