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7 Day Itinerary for Kingston

Kingston is the capital and also the largest city of Jamaica.  It is situated on the south eastern coast of the island. The population of Kingston is 937,700.  The city boundary is 6 miles (9.7 km) to the West,  Stony Hill to the north, Papine to the northeast and Harbour View to the east, communities in urban and suburban St Andrew.  Kingston is made up of two parts -  the historic downtown and New Kingston.  These areas are served by Norman Manley International Airport and by our smaller and primarily domestic  Tinson Pen Aerodrome.

Day 1
Take a trip to Devon House Heritage Site.  It is situated in the heart of metropolitan Kingston on an 11-acre property that is complemented by lush sprawling lawns.  It provides an ambience that soothes the mind, body and soul.  
This site offers both local and overseas the opportunity to dine under the stars, have a drink by the bar or indulge in a range of 27 natural flavors of ice cream made at Devon House.  The ice cream shop specializes in exotic Jamaican fruit flavors and boasts a classic 19th century which captures Jamaica’s architectural past.

Day 2
If you are a fan of Bob Marley’s music then this is the place to visit.  It is located in the middle of Kingston.  This is the home of the legendary Bob Marley.   Take a tour and gain firsthand knowledge of Bob’s life, history and philosophy of his music.  The museum is located in the middle of Kingston and was home to Bob Marley until the time of his death.  This residence was also home to Tuff Gong record label that was founded by the Wailers in the 1970s.

Day 3
Go back in time and visit the once known ‘The Wickedest city on Earth’ – now a quiet fishing village.  It is located at the end of the Palisadoes at the mouth of the Kingston Harbour.   A city of pirates, wealth, earthquake and peace have enveloped this city and have transformed it into the most peaceful city in Jamaica.  A large earthquake in 1692 sank two-thirds of the city and killed thousands of residents. Take the opportunity and explore the Giddy House which was once used to store weapons and gunpowder.   The house is half sunk in the sand and gives one a feeling of being giddy or off balance. Visit the museum which displays the artifacts and history of Port Royal.

Day 4
Take a leisurely stroll in the lush Hope Botanical Gardens which is situated on 200 acres of land in the Liguanea Plains of upper St Andrew. It’s the largest botanical gardens in the West Indies. Surround yourself by the beauty of nature and experience the tranquility of the environment.

Day 5
Take a beach adventure and travel to Lime Cay by boat.  This small, low lying island is 15 minutes by boat from Port Royal.  On Sundays it is the famous get-a-way for Kingstonians, many of whom moor their boats at the Marina and sail out to Lime Cay for lunch and refreshments as there are no facilities on the island.   From Port Royal or Morgans Harbour Hotel a shuttle or boat rental can be arranged to give you a ride over in the mornings and return for you in the evening.  Wave to passengers as they arrive or depart Jamaica in low flying aircraft.

Day 6
Check out the National Gallery of Jamaica, established in 1974 and is the oldest and largest public art museum in the Anglophone Caribbean.  The National Gallery is home to Taino Indian artifacts, Spanish and English colonial art, from early pioneers to latest contemporary artwork by Jamaican and international artists. 

Day 7
Go on a hike to the Blue Mountains – the highest point in Jamaica at 7,402 feet and the longest mountain range in Jamaica.  There are a few tour guides available that will be able to arrange  a hike through the hills.  You could spend a night at one of the lodgings – caretakers are provided to prepare your meals.  The temperature drops drastically as you approach the Peak – on a clear day you may be able to see Cuba across the miles.
This trip is for those who like the outdoors,  the breath-taking landscape, country life and healthy exercise.

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