7 Day Itinerary for Port Antonio


Port Antonio is the capital of Portland and lies on the north eastern coast of Jamaica.  It has a population of 13,000.   It’s the third largest port and used to be a vibrant shipping port for bananas and coconuts.  It is very serene, a quiet tourist town surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.  This is the town where ships used to load their cargo of bananas.

Day 1
Portland is known for rafting.  For a relaxing, laid back few hours – go rafting on the Rio Grande for 2 -3 hours.  You will be swallowed up by the natural beauty that surrounds you as you glide on the water poled by a licensed raft captain.  The rafts are made from bamboo and are designed to carry two persons.   The captain will show you wildlife, tell a few jokes and even give you a foot massage.

Day 2
Journey to Frenchman’s Cove and enjoy the beauty of a cove engulfed by lush tropical vegetation.  Stay at one of the private cottages and be away from the maddening crowd.  It is patronized by the rich and famous who wants to be away from the public eye.

Day 3
Take a brief stop at the Blue Lagoon – be courageous and go for a swim in the turquoise waters – it is a mix of fresh and salt water.  It is fed with fresh water from a mineral spring and funnels out to the sea.  This location has been used in several movies.  It is one of the most beautiful spots in Jamaica.

Day 4
Visit the Reach Falls – it is one of the most spectacular  natural waterfalls in Jamaica.  The water comes from the John Crow Mountains above – the water is crystal clear and falls like hanging vines – the view of the falls is breathtaking.  This location has been used in many films and features broadly in the movie ‘Cocktail’ by Tom Cruise.

Day 5
San San Beach – a calm, private and pretty beach.  It is in close proximity to Frenchman’s Cove and is protected by a coral reef.   It is ideal for swimming and scuba diving.

Day 6
Visit Titchfield – it is a peninsula connected to Port Antonio. It is a picturesque neighborhood – brings back memories of Victorian style houses more than 200 year ago.   The end of the peninsula is graced with cannons indicating the British were determined to keep this piece of the island.

Day 7
The Errol Flynn Marina – this is a world class yachting marina and was named after Errol Flynn.   It offers facilities such as Water, electricity, customs and immigration, 24 hour security, deep water entrance channel, cable TV, internet access, 100 tonne marine travel lift.   The Marina is also equipped with a helicopter landing area.