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7 Day Itinerary for Treasure Beach

Be away from the crowd and bustle in Treasure Beach – a sleepy fishing village.  The area has several guesthouses and a few boutique hotels. Get carried away in the tranquil atmosphere and easy pace of life. 

Day 1
Swim out to Pelican Bar, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy the sea breeze in the middle of the ocean.

Day 2
Take a trip to Lovers Leap – one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica.  It is situated east of Treasure Beach in St Elizabeth.   This is a sheer 1700 foot cliff overhanging the sea.  A legend surrounds this magnificent beauty – during the days of slavery, two young lovers use to meet secretly, however the owner of the plantation wanted the lady for himself.  Not wishing to be separated both the lady and her lover plunged to their death. 

Day 3
Do you like to hike?  There are lots of tracks in this area used by local fishermen.   Go bird watching and see some of Jamaica’s beautiful birds.  The hotels will be able to guide you.

Day 4
Spend the day in Great Bay – it is on the eastern end of Treasure Beach.  It is very laid back – there are a few cottages available for rent and which offers all the amenities to make your stay in this community worth the while.

Day 5 – 7
Visit Billy’s Bay, Great Pedro Bay, Frenchmen’s Bay – dine at the local restaurants, walk along and beach, immerse in the local culture of the community, watch the sunrise and the sunset and experience living on lazy street.  

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