7 Facts on The Miami Carnival Defending Band Of the Year “One Island Mas Band” — A Conversation with Bandleader Rolando Jarvis
Rolando Jarvis, Bandleader of One Island Mas Band, is getting ready for Miami Carnival 2018. Last year One Island won 2017 Band of the Year. See what they have in store for Miami Carnival on Sunday, October 7, 2018, at the Miami-Dade County Fair Grounds.
1. How did you start One Island Mas Band?
One Island Mas Band started from a desire for us, as masqueraders, to have a more complete carnival experience. We were initially a T-shirt band with body paint, which has transformed into the largest costume band in Miami Carnival to date.
2. What is this year’s theme and how do you come up with it each year?
Ice Cream: A Carnival Sunday
Each year the One Island team comes together to brainstorm on various theme ideas. We pull from different avenues to come up with themes that may be relevant to our masqueraders. These can range from serious world/local issues to fun, playful, and artistic themes.


SweeTart Swirl Section Costume


3. How many designers do you use and what does that process look like?
One Island Band is currently working with 14 different designers from all over the globe. After Miami Carnival season we come together to review and interview different designers to discuss how we can collaborate and whether our collective view is one, which will enrich the band going forward.
4. How is One Island shaping up for this year’s Miami Carnival?
One Island’s 2018 Miami Carnival experience is shaping up to be our biggest carnival ever!
5. How does One Island prepare for Miami Carnival each year? What are you doing differently this year?
Preparation for the season is never the same as each year we try to come up with new and innovative ideas. Every year we compile a list of issues that took place the year before and we try to come up with solutions for the current year. Our goal is always to create a better experience for our masqueraders that keeps them coming back for more.


Chocolate Caramel Swirl Section Costume


6. Tell me about the making of this year’s theme and the process of making the costumes?
A dedicated team of designers and producers has come together for an exceptional Carnival installation inspired by ice cream sundaes. We believe that an ice cream sundae is a universal symbol of joy, personal pleasure, and a transportive vehicle for anyone’s imagination. The last 3 years have all been based on serious topics so this year we decided to go the opposite route and make a playful go at the theme. Once we all agreed on ice cream, the goal was to have each design based upon a specific ice cream flavor or style. We then make sure when you look at the design you can see exactly how the image translates into that specific costume.
7. What can one expect when playing mas with One Island?
After winning three years in a row we realize the level of competition has increased. As always, our goal is to ensure that our masqueraders have the best experience possible while ensuring a beautiful display of artistry and culture. Expect to have fun from beginning to end from fetes to jouvert to carnival we have it all.
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