7 Things to See and Do on Guadeloupe

Things to do and see in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe offers visitors a variety of attractions and activates. Seven of the best are listed below.

Things to do and see in Guadeloupe

Waterfall in the National Park of Guadeloupe

1. Visit the Parc National de la Guadeloupe
This park is located in the lush mountain landscape of Basse-Terre. It covers over 74,000 acres of rainforest that features picturesque walking trails. The trails pass by the exotic forest plants, amazing waterfalls, and the summit of a volcano named La Soufriere. The length of the trails ranges from short to long and from easy to more difficult hiking. In addition to walking, it is possible to take in the sites from a car. The drive along the Route de la Traversee covers 16 miles and cuts through the forest.

2. See Les Saintes
Les Saintes are eight islands that are located along Guadeloupe’s southern coast. Christopher Columbus named the islands when he first saw them in the 15th century. Terr-de-Haut is the largest island in the group and features bistros, shops and beaches. The beach at Anse Crawen is recommended for a tranquil and relaxing sojourn away from the tourist crowds.

3. Explore the Island of Marie-Galante
Visitors are enchanted by this site. Its unspoiled scenic environment features quaint chateaux, soft sand beaches, and rolling hills. Sugar plantations and 19th-century windmills add to is charm. A visit to Grand-Bourg Is a must. This is the chief settlement and provides an excellent visitors’ center that offers an exhibit of the history of sugar cane cultivation. A visit to Petite-Anse brings visitors to a golden beach in the shelter of sea-grape trees. A perfect place to savor the slower pace of island life.

4. Walk in the Steps of Columbus at La Désirade
Christopher Columbus and his shipmates were awed by the beauty of this place. Its name means “The Desired One and according to legend, Columbus first saw the island after many days without fresh drinking water. He was glad to find this spot with its clear waters, coco palms, and sea grape trees. Its beaches are excellent, and it is possible to rend a scooter to explore its winding main road which leads to Grande Montagne, a small village with spectacular views.

5. Learn on Plantation and Distillery Tours
By touring the island’s plantations and distilleries, visitors can enjoy chocolate, coffee, and rum in an easy and pleasant way. Plantations dating back hundreds of years are scattered throughout the hiss of Marie-Galante and Basse-Terr. There are three distilleries to be found in Grand-Bourg, while Distillerie Bielle is located apart and is one of best. Le Bondifliere is a coffee mill and chocolate producer, with a café located near St-Claude Basse-Terre. It offers dark and milk chocolate made with locally grown cacao. A tour of the complex features a buffet and rum tasting.

6. Do Some Shopping at Pointe-à-Pitre
This is the perfect place to find discounted /French products, including perfume, scarves and cosmetics. This is Guadeloupe’s fashion hub, so its narrow streets are almost always packed with tourists, so its best to arrive early. In addition to shopping the wide variety of stores along the waterfront, visitors may also explore Marche Couvert, a colorful market with stalls that sell everything imaginable. The area is also of interest to students of French architecture to see the bright yellow Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul, which displays elaborate metal buttresses similar to those at the Eiffel Tower

7. Relax at Plage Caravelle
This beach is located on the southern edge of Grande-Terre. It is popular with snorkelers as the waters are protected by a reef and are usually calm. The beach has turquoise waters and bright white sands. It is close to the Club Med resort, where visitors can obtain day passes and use the resort’s water equipment and dine at its restaurant.

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