Miss Lou

7 Ways Miss Lou has Influenced Me

Miss Lou

Who am I?

I am Dr Sue (Susan Lycett Davis) most importantly, I am a daughter, auntie, cousin, friend…a child of God!  Secondly, I am an educator, author, writer, poet, storyteller, speaker, community, and cultural activist.  I am a human resources practitioner, having chosen this career path because of my passion for the welfare of people and desire to champion the cause of the voiceless.  From early in life, I revered Louise Bennett-Coverley (Miss Lou) – who she was, what she did, her love for children and Jamaica.

Here are seven key ways in which Miss Lou has influenced me:

  1. She inspired in me a love and appreciation for the “heart language” of the Jamaican people – Jamaican Patois
  2. My passion for the diverse nature of the Jamaican culture has resulted in large part because of her
  3. The iconic woman she remains, continues to influence my own assertiveness as a woman of color
  4. She instilled in me an appreciation for the graphic nature of our peoples’ lore
  5. Her life has inspired and fueled my need and determination to entertain, educate and elevate…our peoples at home and in the Diaspora
  6. She made me understand that it was possible to explore different interests and career paths simultaneously
  7. Having met her, she encouraged me to write, which ultimately led to the publication of my first book of poems, dedicated to her. “Ode to Miss Lou…From the Soul of Dr Sue.”

About The Author:

Dr Sue 7 ways Miss Lou influenced me

Dr Sue 

Dr. Susan Lycett Davis is a performing artist who shares the Jamaican culture through her poetry and spirited performances!
Known as Dr. Sue, in the entertainment circle, her extensive and diverse work and life experiences makes her material and delivery rich, humorous and educational. Her second publication entitled “I am Jamaica”  is available at www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com

Her personal catch phrase is “British by birth, Jamaican by choice and American by naturalization”.

About the author

Susan "Dr Sue" Lycett Davis