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7 Ways ‘I-Quality’ Music Inspires Jamaicans

Radcliffe ‘I-Quality’ Bowen is an artiste of immense lyrical attributes who first started his career in the late 1980’s; at that time his stage name was Buckler Banton. Over the years, he performed on various local sound systems in the Portmore, St Catherine area where he resides. He became very popular within the community and was known for his lyrical prowess and energy he poured into all his stage show performances.

I Quality

Here are 7 things you need to know about I-Quality!

1.Where did you get the name I-Quality?

I got the name (I-Quality) from a friend who told me the kind of lyrics I’m singing is quality so he suggested that must change my name from Buckler Banton to I-Quality.

2. What was the 1st song that you recorded?

The first song I recorded was a culture song name “money can’t buy love” with sandy star from there on I stick to the culture that was from late 90’s to early 2000s.

3.Describe one major setback in your music career. How did you overcome this setback?

One of my biggest setbacks in music was when my producer Delsume died. I overcame this set back by continuing to record for other producers and doing shows, whenever the opportunity arose.

4.What inspires your music?

My music is inspired by the creator and life experiences. The music reflects most persons’ lives and their struggles within society. Also my music is inspired by the issues of poverty, government and religion.

5.Many artistes refuse to register with JACAP, but you are registered, why did you decide to register? What are the benefits?

I decided to register with (JACAP) because it helps me to secure your rights, in the industry.
One of the great benefits of registering with JACAP is that my royalties’ from songs will pass on to me.

6.Do you intend to be a culture and reggae artiste for the rest of your life? If yes, why?

Yes I intend to remain a culture and reggae artiste, because it’s about being positive and reggae is revolutionary music and that’s what I want to do inspire change.

7.What are your plans to advance your career? 

My plan is to continue doing positive and good music…My goal is to inform and educate people on issues concerning life and how to overcome them to reap the benefits.

That’s what I-Quality had to say; he is another positive creative mind who will use his music to inspire.

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Here is one of I-Quality’s song ‘Single Mother’

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