8 Annoying Customer Service Experiences Jamaicans Have To Deal With Daily

8 Annoying Things Jamaican Customers Have To Deal With Daily

Customer service in Jamaica spans a large spectrum and can be experienced at either extremes. There is bad, horrible, mediocre, good and sometimes great customer service. Great customer service you will find in institutions and businesses that train their employees and insist that they represent the company as best as possible at all times.

We often see rants on social media or even hear people complain in person about poor customer service. Here are a few scenarios of things Jamaican customers have to deal with daily.

1. Cut Eye

Female customer service reps can be notorious for cutting their eyes especially when they are having a bad day and you, the customer, seem to be asking too many questions, or not asking for exactly what you want at the same time or even taking too long to make your order.

2. Waiting forever

This is a popular instance in public business places for example the bank or a tax office. You go inside on a Monday morning at 10 am, there are 10 booths but only 2 are functional so you end up spending 3 or more hours for a service that would otherwise take 20 minutes.

3. Being Ignored

Believe it or not, most complaints of being ignored usually come from public health institutions, for example a clinic or a hospital. You may get checked and asked to take a seat – sometimes maybe even given a number – and you sit for a very long time until your number is called or unless.

4. Bad Attitude

This is a common thing at food establishments especially when the customer can’t seem to “make up their mind” on what they want to order, or if they seem to be “holding up the line”. The customer service representatives are not usually kind enough to explain what is available or to offer choices to the customer. They usually resort to a rude and dismissive behaviour instead and the attitude is very prominent on their face that they don’t particular want to interact with you at the moment.

5. Given the runaround

Being given the runaround of what is available. The customer asks for a particular item and it is not available then it becomes a guessing game for the customer in trying to determine what is actually available instead of the customer service rep giving a summary of what is available.

6. Trying to pick you up

Females will complain about this; wanting to purchase something or get some information and instead a male customer service representative tries to get personal with her using pick up lines.

7. Employee Small Talk

Having their conversations and you the customer have to wait. A lot of Jamaicans complain about this when they go to a wholesale/corner store.You enter the business facility and the staff members are having a conversation amongst themselves and no one stops to acknowledge the customer until the conversation has just about ended.

8. Poor Communication Skills

With technology being so advanced and remote work becoming a norm, a lot of businesses outsource their customer service even to outside of Jamaica. The most annoying thing for a customer is to be put on hold for a very long time then be connected to someone they can barely understand because they have poor English. What is even worse is being cut off and having to start over because the customer service rep they were connected to did not ask for their number to call back if the phone got disconnected. Tell us in the comments about any annoying experiences you have had dealing with customer service in Jamaica on a daily basis.

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