Top 10 Jamaican men pick-up lines you may have heard

Top 10 Jamaican Men Pick-up Lines You May Have Heard


As a woman that has traveled quite a few countries, I have to say that Jamaican men have by far some of the best pick-up lines, or as we say in Jamaica “lyrics”. I am a Jamaican woman so I may seem bias, but I experience enough “checkings” on my travels and heard many other pick-up lines. Hands down, they do not compare. As you read the Jamaican men pick-up lines I shared, I guarantee you will understand.

Here are the top 10 pick-up lines from my own experiences with Jamaican men. All you Jamaican women please add any other pick-up lines you have heard from Jamaican men that are not listed. Type yours in the comments box below.

1. Mi love yuh more than cook food

2. Gal Mi wan pose wid yuh likah domino

3. Yuh ave wan nice Colgate smile deh

4. Beg yuh a Wuk haffa yuh struccha nuh

5. Miss Sweetnees…ef mi was babylon (police) mi would haffi charge with the crime of niceness cyan done

6. Baby gi mi yuh number nuh, Mi lost mine?

7. Ohhh so is yuh ah di stop traffic gal

8. Yuh Sweet lak ah angel, so tell me whah deh Gwan up in nah heaven now? Why Gad send yuh ere?

9. Beg yuh a kiss nuh, tings hard an mi cyan afford fi buy sweetie

10.  Gal yuh too sweet, spend some time wid me suh some ah you sweetness rub off pon mi.


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