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8 Star Apple Benefits You Need to Know

8 Star Apple Benefits You Need to Know

Chrysophyllum cainito, more commonly known as star apple, is known by many names ranging from purple star apple to milk fruit, tar apple, and aguay. The most common name derives from its purple outer skin and a seed pattern that looks like a star. Sweet and aromatic, the fruit has a variety of medicinal properties that Jamaicans have used for health and wellness for centuries.

Star apple is rich in trace minerals, multiple vitamins, and other elements the body needs for health. It’s become a staple in traditional medicinal practices throughout the Caribbean. The rind is bitter, full of latex, and isn’t consumed. There’s also a green-skinned variety that contains the same properties. Here are 8 star apple benefits you need to know.

1- Anemia
The iron content of star apple helps prevent anemia and aids in building red blood cells. Iron is essential for carrying oxygen in red blood cells throughout the body.

2- Antioxidants

Its antioxidant properties help the body in repairing damage sustained through exposure to the sun and environmental pollutants. It’s beneficial for the skin and boosts the immune system.

3- Bone
Phosphorous and calcium are essential elements for strong bones and teeth. The fruit is high in both minerals and is often used to help combat joint and bone diseases.

4- Digestion
The high fiber content in star apple helps keep the digestive tract regular, alleviating constipation and many health problems associated with the colon. It helps people feel fuller longer, thereby assisting in weight loss and maintaining glucose levels.

5- Heart
Science has shown that niacin is beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Niacin also enhances brain function and eases the pain of arthritis.

6- Nerves and Kidney Stones
Potassium promotes a healthy nerve system and aids in regulating fluid levels within the body to prevent water retention. The mineral can also help people with high blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke. Potassium assists in preventing kidney stones and osteoporosis.

7- Sore Throats and Colds
High in vitamins A, B and C, star apple is a source of nutrients that’s used to address sore throats, colds, and soothing inflammation in laryngitis.

8- Wounds, Burns, Mind
The zinc found in star apple is beneficial for treating wounds and burns. It’s also beneficial for enhancing learning and memory function.

8 Star Apple Benefits You Need to Know

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