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9 Phrases only a Jamaican would understand

Yuh free paper bun - unhappy boy -Jamaican Phrase

Yuh free paper bun

Yuh free paper bun
“Your free time is up!” This phrase is usually said in reference to school children returning to school at the end of the two-month summer break.

What is fiyu cyaa be un-fiyu
Whatever is meant for you can never be taken away from you. The phrase is usually said to someone who has overcome many challenges to achieve their goals.

Eat a food
This is a fairly new phrase that has become quite popular. The message in this expression is to seize all opportunities that come within your reach.

Jus buil! (bill)
This phrase is usually meant to calm a situation or advise someone not to get too worked up in order to de-escalate an argument.

Work me a work, anuh chicken me a jerk
Simply put, “I came here to work, not to waste time or play around”. The phrase indicates that the speaker is serious about the task at hand and can also be said as a caution to others not to underestimate their abilities.


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