A Jamaican in Siberia – Photo Essay

A Jamaican in Siberia - Photo Essay

I am Robert Dixon, a Jamaican studying for my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in Siberia. Here are some photos of my winter experience in Siberia. The weather is terrible this year with temperatures freezing to -40C below.

Siberia is 2 to 3 days away from Moscow by train and 4 hours away by plane. Note that this depends on the city in Siberia you are traveling to. I am in Tomsk, Siberia. I have been here since July 2006. I will be here until 2008. As I mentioned the weather is something else -45 C at winter or lower, but “a yardman” can survive under any condition like anyone else on the planet. Siberia is a place of “wonders” and deep forestry. It is a wetland with many rivers. There are rivers here that could fit Jamaica without the island touching the river banks. One river is 400km between the banks.

The country is diverse with many different races as it is bordering China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. All these countries have small Jamaican influences there. Mongolia is a surprise. My Mongolian friends ‘ told me that in Ulaan Baator Mongolia’s capital a Jamaican Restaurant and Cafe exists. Jamaica internationally has a name and uniqueness about it. It means that Jamaican products are sold at all “4 corners of the Earth”. I have brought Jamaican culture to Siberians and am very active on the reggae website Dub Division (www.reggae.ru). Reggae has been popular in Siberia since the USSR times,

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