Acceptance Is GRANTED not DEMANDED

A touchy debate reignited last week and is still ensuing ; a Home Economics text book in use at the secondary level is advancing the notion that same sex /homosexual/gay couples, that is, two men or two women living together can be considered a “family” who may even adopt children.

By this designation, the authors are equating same sex couples with the traditional nuclear family- man, woman and child\ children, single parent- male or female with child\children or extended family- male, female, child\ children and grand parents etc. or other socially acceptable family units.

This leap, ascribing the designation family to same sex unions, remains me of the road hogs who relentlessly attempt to wrestle our occupied space or right of way away from us. They refuse to act in a straightforward way, that is, the right/appropriate way by indicating an intention to change lane or obeying the stop sign but instead they actively bully other motorist by placing their vehicle in other motorist path or occupied space. No permission is sought and they in fact have no intention of getting permission! They see an occupied space, consider it more desirable than theirs and go for it!

As far as I know and I stand corrected, no Caribbean country has officially or even informally designated same sex unions a family. Why these authors felt comfortable to ascribe such a designation without the permission of the Caribbean people is mind boggling! Or is this another show of contempt for the so called “common man” (ignoramus) by so called intellectuals?

One thing the “common man” has going for him is his common sense! He looks on and sees that the gay lifestyle is a dead end road. What is the point!? They can’t propagate the human race because it is impossible for them to “be fruitful and multiply” and not to mention the unhygienic nature of the practice. The so called “common man” is therefore correctly fully convinced of the futility of the homosexual lifestyle.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the so called “intellectuals” are fully convinced of the “rightness” of their cause and are willing to go so far even to “shove the lifestyle down the throat of the common man “. We, Jamaicans, over the years have shown ourselves to be a very tolerant people. Most if not all of us know or at least are aware of the existing of homosexuals in our community. We don’t harm them or seek to undermine them in anyway. Our passive tolerance of their lifestyle has apparently emboldened them and they are now more ambitious- they want more that tolerance they want acceptance!

This acceptance will never happen in Jamaica unless we completely abandon our Judea /Christian principles. We can’t rule this out because precedence has already been set with the surrender of those principles in the area of fornication: unmarried males and females engaged in sexual activity and adultery: married men and women engaged in sexual activity outside of the marriage circle. Only time will tell who will win this ongoing war for the hearts and minds of the Jamaican people.

All we ask of the homosexual community in the interim is, don’t try to shove your lifestyle down our throats; seek our permission and consent first! Until them, Please respect our right of way!