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Our Unity Is More Important Than The Remarks Of One Man – A Zimbabwean Response to President Mugabe

In the song Africa Unite, Bob Marley sang “How good and how pleasant it would be before God and man….to see the unification of all Africans… we can safely assume that Bob was expressing a yearning  for the African diaspora at large.

With that in mind, the remarks of one person, even as president of his country, cannot be seen as a representation of a whole nation.  The bond between Zimbabwe and Jamaica is too precious to be soured by these remarks.

As a Zimbabwean married to a Jamaican I say to my Caribbean brethren, let us do whatever it takes to maintain our shared culture and historical ties. Unity between us is the right legacy to leave for future generations of the diaspora. To quote another line from Marley, “To divide and rule could only tear us apart.

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