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Anancy And Bredda Lion

Bredda Lion had a new bad habit that he felt was his right an privilege, being the most feared in the village. He developed the biggest belch in the whole village. Every time he ate and went to sleep at night, he would belch really loud all night and wake up the rest of the village.

Anancy loved to sleep. Next to food sleep was the next thing he loved in the whole world. Since Lion had developed this habit he has not gotten one night’s sleep. Last night was the worst. Lion had belched every hour on the hour, since 8 pm that night. Anancy’s eyes were blood shot red and he was angry.

He visited Bredda Rabbit and Bredda Snake to see how they were holding up. “Bredda Rabbit, how yuh doing man?” asked Anancy, as he approached Bredda Rabbit outside his home.

“Mi doing just fine.” replied Bredda Rabbit.

“Yuh getting any sleep since Lion start dem big belchin?” asked Bredda Anancy.

“Yeah man, nuff sleep since mi buy dem ear muffs whey Bredda Snake tell me bout down a shop.” he replied.

“Ear muffs!” Anancy exclamated.

“Yes dem block out every sound, whey yuh nuh go buy some?” Bredda Rabbit explained.

“Is true.” Anancy replied.

So he set off down to Mr. Lee’s shop and bought him some ear muffs.

That night around 7:45 pm he put on the ear muffs and went to bed.
A large “Buuuurrrrrrrrrrp” sound awoke Anancy.

“But wait,” he thought to himself “dem ear muffs nah work.” You see, his spider senses were just as sensitive as his ears and could pick up the sound. The others in the village did not have this type of sense so the earmuff worked for them. So again Anancy had a sleepless night.

The next morning he was very angry. He was so angry he walked over to Bredda Lion’s home to talk to him.

Anancy pleaded “Bredda Lion, Mi a beg yuh please stop de all nite belching. Mi cyaan get nuh sleep a nite.”

“Yuh mad Anancy? A mi run tings in dis village, an mi will stop when mi feel like.” Bredda Lion replied.

“But how yuh so bad mind. Nobady cyaan sleep wid all dat noise yuh a mek.” said Anancy.

“Is ongle yuh cyaan sleep. No one else is complaining.” replied Bredda Lion.

Anancy was getting really upset.

“Mind yuh belch out all the food you eat for the day while you sleeping.” Anancy said in anger.

“Nuh mek me dead wid laff. Mi neva hear nuttin go suh before in my life. Gwan yuh way, Anancy” Bredda Lion replied with a big smile.

At that very moment Anancy had a plan. He secretly started to follow Bredda Lion for the whole day, watching what he was eating. He took a big bag with some containers with him. Every meal that Bredda Lion had, he collected some of the same thing in a container.

That night at 8:00pm, Bredda Anancy snuck into Bredda Lion’s house under the bed. He waited to hear the first burp.


He snuck from under the bed and quietly placed a mixture of all the meals beside Bredda Lion’s mouth.

Bredda Lion had a sensitive nose. The smell of the food mixture awoke him. He jumped out of the bed and screamed, “Lawd have mercy, all de food me eat come right back up. Whey me ago do? If this continue me will not be able to full mi stomach. I know what I will do. I will eat this mixture.” So he ate the food and went back to sleep.

” Buuurrrp”

Again Anancy put some more food by his mouth. And again Lion woke up and ate the food.

This continued four times. On the fourth time he put food by his mouth, Anancy snuck out of Bredda Lion’s bedroom window. He crawled under the cellar to listen.

Bredda Lion ate the food but this time did not go back to sleep.

“Lawd mi belly a hat mi. Mi nuh know ef I can continue this belching business, cah mi cyaan sleep.” Bredda Lion whispered under his breath. He had eaten so much food that he was in pain. He was unable to go back to sleep.

Anancy smiled and walked back home.

This is why lions eat big meals but less frequently. Jack Mandora, mi tell yuh no lie.

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