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Anancyi and de ole Agg

Bredda Anancy di a wanda fi a lang time ow fi lay dem an pan some goat han pig han hens han vegetable dat bilang tu his neighbours. Im neva did ave nutten fi imself. Im tun it ova ina im mine fi a lang while till at lase it lick im, im ave a plan.

Satday was markit day, soh im leave out fi goh early in di mawning. Wen im ketch a di mawkit im si Tiger who seh: “Bredda Anancy, mi noh si yu dis lang time nung, ow yu du?” Anancy luk misarable, han seh “Mi fine tenk yu Bredda Tiger. “But yu noh luk soh well”, said Tiger, Wah wrang?

Ah bredda Tiger, said Anancy, laas nite mi get a bad dream..A dream seh di ole hag com tu mi han seh dat si ago trubble di ole a di people dem ina di distric if dem noh stap chat dem neighbour. Is tru mi a tell yu noh Tiger, han mi fraid, cause mi noh know if mi shudda waan mi fren bout it!.

Wen Tiger ere dis im face drap dung, Dis was bad, Every baddy in di distric was fraid a di Ole Hag, who com riding pan a broomstick in di nite. Sharp teeth han claws cud nat kip har away. Tiger memba di likkle villiage nat far away,far dem di ave som trubble wid di Ole Hag and all a dem move weh leaving garden han ouse as dem was.

Tiger seh, ” Bredda Anancy, dis serus bad, yu betta caal di ole di people dem tugedder and mek dem know bout yu dream. Tiger caal di people dem a Anancy tell dem bout im dream….all a dem di fraid, dem coulda feel di shadow af di Ole Hag fallin upon dem. Dem pak up dem tings fass and urry ome fore dem staat quarill or speak bad bout dem each adder. Bredda Anancy goh ome tu..please wid imself han wat im du! Im mek a few days pass by den tek im hoe han set aff dung di road.

Anancy luk fi di wurse piece a lan dat im could fine near di road. It was soh rocky han fulla stone das nutten but thorn han bush cudda grow pan it! Im siddung ina di shade af di lawge makka tree han im wait till smaddy was passing….as soon as im ere smaddy fut step im git up quick, swing im hoe over im ed han staat dig im all im mite. Soh im dig, mi sing one ole digging sang weh im lern as a bwoy…. “Donkey waan waata, Ole im Joe! Donkey waan waata, Ole im Joe, 1”

Im sing loud das Bredda Dawg was passing ere han im haffi stapp. “Gud mawning Bredda Anancy” im said, Wey yu a du wid all dem makka bush han stone deh? Anancy stapp, lean pan im hoe, wipe aff im sweat fram im brow han sey “Bredda Dawg, yu caan si is peas an cawn mi plawntin!

Wen Bredda Dawg ere im bus out a lawuf: Ha, Ha Ha, Bredda Anancy, is seh, Mi neva know dat yu soh fule fule, ow yu excep fi plawnt peas ina dis ya place ya? Yu noh si dat nutten caan grow ya soh but so soh wile bush; Anancy luk pan Dawg very sadly han shake im ed han seh ” Mi very sarry dat yu talk like dis Bredda Dwag. “Yu memba di dream weh mi tell yu bout a di mawkit?, yu memba seh it was bout di Ole Hag. Wen Bredda Dawg ere dat im was soh frighten dat im could ardly seh a wurd. “Oh! im seh, mi figet mi figet, a weh mi ago du?”

Anancy seh, mek mi cansida Bredda Dawg, mek mi cansida. Den afta a likkle wile pass, Bredda Anancy seh, “perhaps if yu mek a gif tu di Ole Hag Bredda Dawg shi will let yu aff dis time!” Weh yu ave tu giv?” Ongle di cawn ina mi field” seh Bredda Dawg, han it noh ready yet.” Han bisides, ow mi ago gi di Ole Hag?..noh worry bout dat said Anancy, me will tell di Ole Hag sey yu is mekking har a gif, han wen di cawn ready, I will giv it tu har fi yu”

Bredda Dawg leave han Anancy goh bak ina di shade of di makka tree. Di nex fi pass was Bredda Tiger. Wen Anancy ere di footsteps mi jump up quick han staat di hoeing han di singing again! Bredda Tiger ere im a stapp. “Good mawning Bredda Anancy, im seh, A weh yu a du? Plawnting cawn han peas Bredda Tiger” ” Surely yu ave more sense dan dat fi try han plawnt cawn han peas indi miggle af all dese makka bush and rocks? A neva taut yu were stupid! Jus den Tiger memba Anancy dream, im put im an pan im mout quickly as if fi ole im wurds bak, while Bredda Anancy luk pan im sadly, shake im ed, han seh “Yes Bredda Tiger, a si yu memba, wat trubble dere will be, wen all di people dem ere dat di Ole Hage is trubbling Tiger, cause im caal mi fule fule! Well, Tiger seh, maybi if a giv di Ole Hag a gif shi will let mi aff. and yu know Anancy a neva really mean dat yu fule fule, it was jus igle talk. Yes Bredda Tiger sey Anancy, a tink dat di Ole Hag will spear yu fi yu bring tu me two a dem fine goat yu ave com giv har. “Mi will bring di two goat tonite tu yu”, but noh mek noh baddy know. Soh Bredda Tiger leave, and Bredda Anancy goh bak goh siddung.

Noh lang afta dat, Goat pass, di same ting happen, Goat parmise fi leave two a im bess chickens at Aanasi yard as a gif tu di Ole Hag. Anancy decide seh im wurk hard enough fi one day soh im goh ome a sleep. Wen evening com Bredda Tiger com wid di two goats, a likkle wile afta dat, Bredda Goad com wid fi im fowls. Anancy put di animals in di bak yaard, han tell im neighbours dat every ting was alrite, han dat Ole Hag would tek di tings han give dem a chance.

By di nex day Anancy bak yaard di full af his neighbours animals, han im could no langer ide dem! Im goh aff tu im field wid im bush tree han stone. Ina im yaard di goat dem bawl, di, pigs dem a grunt, and di fowl dem a cackle, soh loud dat people passing staat fi stap han listen. Furse on or two stapp, den a tird and fourth, all axing ow Anancy ave summuch soh quick. Tiger was dere han Goat too. Dem staat fi talk mugst dem each adder and get fi fine out seh Anancy di play di same trick pan all a dem!. Dem was all very angry, wen finally Bredda Tiger seh, “I tink a know ow fi ketch Anancy, han if a ketch im, a gwaine mek im gi unu bak all a di tings im tek fram unu.

Di nex day Bredda Turkey goh dung a di place weh Anancy was wurking, im wissle as im goh along han since im footsteps could nat be erd, wen im com tu where im could si Anancy, im turn im ed di adder way han preten dat im noh si im! Dis mek Anancy sing louder dan eva.. ” Com bring mi half- a- hoe and giv it tu mi, oh! Com bring mi half- a- hoe and giv it tu mi, oh!

But Turkey ongle wissle a nung even luk pan im. Anancy fling dung im hoe han shout out, hi Bredda Turkey, Turkey tun im ed han luk pan Anancy in surprise han sey, “why, its Bredda Anancy, a was in such a urry dat mi neva even notice dat yu was dere!. Weh yu a urry soh fa Bredda Turkey?”. ” I am going dung tu di big town, Bredda Anancy”. ” Weh yu a goh dey fa?”. “Oh Bredda Anancy, mi a goh a di barber fi get a hair cut, , mi afi get one now han den”. Bredda Anancy luk pan Turkey ball ed in surprise, A weh im a seh, im noh si seh im ed ball, a wah im ago cut, Anancy thought. Anancy lawf and lawf till im side staat urt im, den im seh, “Bredda Turkey, ow yu soh fule fule, yu noh si seh yu noh ha noh hair pan yu ed, weh yu ago get hair fi cut han brush?”. Turkey tun red han seh ” alrite Bredda Anancy, noh mine bout my hair, you goh gi bak di fowl han goats dem dat yu tek fram Goat and Tiger han di ress, di Ole Hag will com fi yu tonite, han if she noh com we will all bi dere, han dat will bi wurse, soh yu betta bi quick. Soh dat a ow com Bredda Anancy carry bak di ting wim tek fram im neighbours, jus because Turkey ed ball. Han dat is di reason nobaddy lawf at Turkey ball ed!

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