An Angry Hungry Man

Hear them screaming, crying, begging for righteousness
Hear the angry wails of the mothers, who stand over their sons’ dead body
Hear the heartbeat of the father looking at his teenage pregnant daughter
See the red and blue of the sirens pass through the town,
Parading down the dirt filled road
See the little boys begging to wipe your windscreen
Even for just a dime

An Angry, Hungry Man Has No Shame Or Disgrace

When those top shottas parade in their mansions, they have no
Thought of those parading without shoes,
See them meeting inna parliament, supposedly discussing
The countries issues
Lawd, is that a Rolex watch and a Platinum ring mi see pan the minister of
Finance big finger,
They drive in their exotic name cars, Lexus, Porsche and Jaguar
While others struggle to push their handcart just for an exotic meal

An Angry Hungry Man Has No Feelings Or Voice

They have all the schools you can think of
But after that what ?
Mi nuh see nuh resources a build fi wi pickney fi work inna
So instead what? We have those street boys lingering
The street, selling, smelling, smuggling drugs
The result, the angry wails of the mothers
Why must we suffer in this day and age? Why must the
Poor succumb to the rich for just a glass of water?
Why must the politicians who are suppose to make things
Better for us living better than us?
To answer all the whys? mans own greediness

An angry Hungry Man Rapes And Kills To get his Needs

Baby mothers of all size and shape, are faced with the truth
That a good man is hard to find
To those who have good supporting ones, Congrats!!!!!
Keep, love and nourish them, they are the fathers of your children
A tin of Enfamil can get costly
We constantly see mothers of six having them with fathers of six
And we look and gossip asking a wha so?
What is so, is that she is trying to find the one that will stay,
The provider, the father, the lover, the husband and friend.
See and blind, hear and deaf, Focus on the things that need our attention,
Stop killing our own brothas and sistas, stop boxing the bread out of our peoples mouth.
Unite, let us come together and represent one “out of many one people”

An Angry Hungry Man Feels No Pain When There’s Love