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Barbadian singer Krisirie Collaborating with Veteran Jamaican Musicians

Barbadian singer Krisirie Collaborating with Veteran Jamaican Musicians

As musicians, Willie Stewart and Handel Tucker have worked with some major acts including Stevie Wonder, Eddy Grant and Maxi Priest. They know a thing or two about spotting talent.

Recently, the veteran Jamaicans collaborated with Barbadian singer/songwriter Krisirie on Return to Love, a powerful ballad calling for world peace.

Stewart and Tucker co-produced the song which was recorded at Stewart’s South Florida studio. They share songwriting credits with Krisirie.

“There never was a plan to do a project. Nor was there an intention to write a song even moments prior to writing the song. Kristen (Krisire’s given name) mentioned that she had an idea for a song and on hearing two lines from her idea, I immediately heard and knew where the melody could go musically. So, my role was bringing music and arrangement to the lyrics and melody,” said Tucker, who played piano on Return to Love.

Stewart was introduced to Krisirie by Barbadian saxophonist Arturo Tappin with whom she has also worked. While visiting South Florida early this year, she met the former Third World drummer and made an instant connection with him and the dreadlocked Tucker.

According to Stewart, “The creation of the song was a natural process of three minds and souls vibrating on a higher consciousness of ideas which allowed for the energy to flow freely. She has a very unique vocal style and is passionate about her singing.”

Tucker is a seasoned session musician, arranger and producer. Among his credits are Maxi Priest’s 1990 Bonafide album which sold platinum (over one million copies) on the strength of songs like Close to You and Just A Little Longer, which he wrote.

Stewart is best known for his nearly 20 years with Third World. He played on most of that band’s classic songs including Now That We Found Love and Try Jah Love.

Return to Love was released in June. Like her co-writers, Krisirie hopes it will have an impact on a troubled world.

“I want this song to spark self-reflection and I hope that it brings peace, healing and inspiration to people’s hearts and minds,” she said.

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