Jamaica 2003 Bashment

This page is constantly changing please watch for updates in our Bashment forum.

If you are attending one of the 2003 bashments please purchase T-shirts prior to the event date. Just click on the logo or the shopping link below to purchase T-shirts. These shirts will not be sold at any of the events.

Please note that we were contacted by a few drivers who wish to provide discount rates. We will list them here. These drivers by no means are affiliated with Jamaicans.com but have offered to provide discounted service.

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Where: Negril Jamaica
Date: July 17 – 22

Thursday July 17th

MEET AND GREET POOL PARTY” – 5:00pm to ???

This Bashment “kicks off” at VILLA LA CAGE. The Bar and full kitchen will provide the drinks and eats at normal local prices to attendees. We will have Contests and Prizes! The DISCOVER JAMAICA Moderators, “Magic” and Sienna will be there to meet everyone. A signup sheet will be provided by participating drivers for people to sign up for any Day Trips they would like to go on during the Bashment. Prices will vary by number of people who go and by destination but will range from $20 US per person to a top charge of $30 US per person (determined by the driver). Destinations might include; Mayfield Falls, Black River Safari, Accompong Town, etc.

Friday, July 18th

Day Trips (See above) (locations to be determined) – (morning and afternoon)


Dianne “Queenb” Russell will be hosting her own brand of Bashment Party at the Bar B Barn beginning around 7:00pm that evening. The exact times and a schedule of her events will be published later so check back. Come join the Queen in seeing “Her” Negril!

Saturday, July 19th

BASHMENT PARTY!” – 7:00pm til ???


Our featured event. The evening starts off easy with Karaoke music with a prize given for the best talent. As the party starts to warm up, LIVE music from Negril’s Own “Blessed Band” with a SPECIAL GUEST ARTIST!??! (or two?) will take center stage. Like a REAL Jamaican Bashment! Drinks and food will be available at regular local prices.

Sunday, July 20th


Get an invigorating cup of Selina’s Blue Mountain Coffee and enjoy “Big Roy’s Famous Banana Pancakes” or a host of other entrees for about $6 US per meal. She also has REAL Blue Mountain Coffee beans for sale. You can just come in and relax to some good music while we wait for Captain Alberto to pick us up for an excursion to Booby Key. A drawing for a free breakfast will be held.


Take a relaxing trip up the shoreline to Booby Key while watching the sea life through the bottom of the boat! Booby Key, a little island off the Negril beach, is the perfect place to swim and sunbathe in Negril. Alberto is charging $20 US per person for the roundtrip that includes a fruit punch and snack on Booby Key.

Monday, July 21st, 10:00am

“HELP JAMAICA!” A FREE Jamaican Breakfast will be held at “Whistling Bird” where attendees can make cash donations or bring school related supplies for the Negril Basic School. You will not only get a great breakfast right on the beach but the chance to win in a drawing from those in attendance for a FREE night at a Negril Resorts Association property! Sienna will be there with a list of those who added their names to the Roll Call thread for the FREE breakfast offer. BE SURE TO ADD YOUR NAME! Those who want to eat and do not have their names on that list will be required to give $5 US dollars per person to be donated to the school.

Day Trips (See above) (locations to be determined) – (afternoon)


((Due to unforeseen difficulties in scheduling, this event will be moved or possibly even cancelled)) We are working with the Negril Yacht Club to see if their venue is available. However, a small admission fee to compensate the Maroons for performing and their travel expenses will be charged (about $3 or $4 US per person) if the move does take place. Keep watching for updates. If the move is successful, the event will be as follows.

“A Cultural Extravaganza featuring the Traditional Drummers and Dancers from the Accompong Town Maroons. Natural herbs as well as Arts and Crafts will be available to purchase. Drinks and food will be available at local prices.”

Tuesday, July 22nd – (morning/afternoon)


(From a great book of the same name by the Gleaner’s Morris Cargill), “JAMAICA FAREWELL” will be ongoing at “MI YARD” as they are open 24hrs a Day/7 Days a Week to provide great local food, cold drinks and good conversation. Jamaicans.com is proud to be working with the other great Negril Web Sites like http://www.negril.com , http://www.negrilwestend.com and http://www.miyard.com to help stimulate some much needed tourism to the Negril area. We are cordially inviting the cyber followers and friends from all these Web Sites to join in the fun. Need a place to stay? We are offering some great discounted room rates too! Before you leave Jamaica, be sure to sign the Jamaicans.com guest book so we can contact you regarding future events! Special Airport fares as well as trips to SUMFEST (beginning in Montego Bay that week) will be available.

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