Beautiful Jamaica Mon’!! – Trip Report

I am from Ontario Canada and i went to Jamaica in January which I think is an awsome time to go. The weather was beautiful and the people were very friendly. My mom,dad and I went on family vacation to the RIU Tropical Bay in Negril. It is a very friendly and welcoming resort with great workers.

We flew in on New Years Eve…so of course everything was slowed down. We evenually got there and
were greeted by the employees. Everyone said the New Years party was a blast!! While there we did many things… but I think if we had more time we would have done way more. My dad enjoys golfing at home and so naturally went to the Negril Hills golf course to see how it was. He liked it so much he went twice! The beach was outstanding! I spent most of my time there when I wasn’t snorkeling or on a catamarran partying! The beach had just enough sun but enough shade so that you didn’t get fried! My dad and I went and got some snorkeling equipment to use in the swimming area. I had never been snorkeling before so we decided to try it out to see if i liked it.

Did i like it? …I loved it!! The water was so pretty and then you just float in it. My dad told me that tons of people go in the water wearing their jewlery and if I tried hard enough i would probably find some. So i went on my mission to find lost treasures! Haha well i sure did! I found an earring and then 5 mins later I found a
transmission!! My dad and I tried to get it out but it was in there pretty deep. We brought the earring home, but I doubt the airport would let us bring the transmission home anyway.

On another day we decided to go on a catamarran with a couple we had met at the resort. Well it was called ‘The Wildthing’ …and it sure was wild! They had all the red stripe you could drink and although I’m not yet drinking age, I know that a lot of people got loaded that night. Haha! While on the catamarran, we went to Rick’s Cafe and saw “Spider” jump off a tall and very old tree that looked like it was dead! Well he jumped and you couldn’t even hear a splash, he jumped from so high!

Once we got back to the resort the entertainment crew had just started the night’s entertainment. Every night they would get people from the audience to come up to the stage and perform some funny act or game. This night of all nights, they choose someone from our table. The man they choose had just woke up from the party hard catamarran ride and still looked half asleep! They had to perform a dance to reggae music and then the audience would applaud at the person who did the best job. As a joke my dad and the man’s wife decided to boo him. That didn’t blow over to well. Although he knew it was a joke, the entertqinment crew didn’t. So they got in some trouble.

All week while we were there the weather was outstanding until the day we were leaving when the weather was stormy with high winds. Jamaica didnt want us to leave! The music that was on the beaches was wonderful and could just take you away to another land. I bought one of the bands cd’s and listen to it every morning while I get ready for the day.

All in all, the week was amazing and the people wonderful! The hardest part of the whole week was getting on the bus to leave for the airport. I almost started crying!! We still had fun on the bus because the couple that we met at our resort lived 1 hour away from us back home. So we sat with them and just chatted about the whole week while I stared out the window at the paradise I would soon be leaving.

Beautiful Jamaica Mon’!!