Being Jamaican
Being Jamaican - Photo by X. Murphy
Being Jamaican – Photo by X. Murphy

For each individual being Jamaican is vastly different from the next. It is a topic the will bring about diverse responses. So for me being Jamaican is simply an honour being bestowed by the divine. If you overlook the malevolent behaviour of a few bad apples in each sector you will realize that you have been bestowed with regal heritage.

We are trend setters, ground shakers and history makers. Jamaicans have made global impact in all areas. Mark you, if we revisit the books penned by historians we would get a view of the great contributions made by our fellow countrymen. So what are the qualities of many Jamaicans you might ask?
For one, Jamaicans are smart. It’s as if many Jamaicans have been blessed with the acumen of Socrates. Profile, a Jamaican programme for instance, shows how talented and well learned we are.

Next, Jamaicans are fast. Our great sprinters Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser are record breakers and have represented us well. We salute these great role models of our land. Also, don’t overlook your neighbours’ kids, your brother or the teenagers at your church. We have fleet-footed athletes everywhere. We see this manifestation of speed at our National Youth championships.

Jamaicans are spiritual. The praying grandmother, the prayer warriors down the street or even the Rastafarians are examples of this. Jamaicans definitely believe in the Creator and they also believe in church attendance.

Jamaicans are caring. You won’t keel over in the streets without drawing a small crowd of helpful Jamaicans. Jamaicans naturally care about each other’s wellbeing. They are known to rally around there fellow Jamaican brother or sister in times of distress.

Jamaicans are talented. Yes we can sing, dance, dub, you name it. It is a known fact that Jamaicans have a flair for anything creative.
Jamaicans have a passion for cooking. Indeed, scrumptious meals are what we are known for. Delectable foods such as the mouthwatering curried goat, rice and peas, and also the ackee and salt fish are some of the well known local dishes.

So yes, Jamaicans are known for all these wonderful attributes, and a plethora of other things. As previously mentioned, I feel a deep honour in regards to my nationality. God bless Jamaica.