Best Friend

Knock knock, hello, is anybody home
A come to borrow a hair brush, some hair oil an’ a comb
Could yu len’ mi dat red dress or maybe a pair of shoes
Let me just come on in, so I can pick and choose

It’s me, your new best friend, we met yesterday
When you gave me the money, for the fare I couldn’t pay
On the minibus to town, up by Halfway Tree
When that facety conductor boy, offered to eject me

Yes child is me, coming for a visit
A need some assistance, come show me yu closet
I was looking at yu girl and came to realize
That we both have the same taste and wear the same size

Yes mi dear, ol’ time people funny
Dem seh good friend is better than any pocket money
And me is a firm believer, in this very same creed
That a friend in great need, is a great friend indeed

A like that diamond ring, please let me borrow yu chain
Oh and by the way, a still don’t know yu name
Mine is Cherry, like the little red fruit
How yu tink a wi look in this, yu tink a looking cute?

Lawd yu have so much nice tings, that a seem to like
And what yu say yu boyfriend name, oh yes, Mike
Girl me and you, we going to be like twins
Going everywhere together and sharing everyting

Gal a just love yu furniture, especially yu bed
King size Posturepedic and yu curtains match yu spread
An’ yu dresser look so neat, wid all dem perfume bottle
A mus’ remember before a leave, to borrow me a couple

Yu is realy a good friend, a special frien’ fi true
Yu have so much expensive tings and all a dem brand new
Thats the kind of company, mi mada seh fi keep
Mi cyaa stan’ bruck pocket people, dem only buy wha cheap

People like you an’ me, just love to have the best
And as far as me can see, yu already pass the test
Cause yu know me kinda funny, I’m really very picky
Though some bad minded people claim, seh dat mi licky licky
But don’t believe a single word, is not like that at all
Is cause mi spirit tek yu, why a even bother call
And because of lately, sis, I have fallen on hard times
Is why yu see, my best friend, what is yours is mine.

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