Black, Green, and Gold Dream

Yessideh mi pinch miself
Mi swear it was a dream!
Mi walk dung ah halfway tree and see traffic jam
And nobaddy neva deh scream!

One big, big screen tv
Did plant inna di miggle ah di square
And ebbrybaddy didda gadda roun it
And ah bere celebration talk mi didda hear.

Inna di dream dem have one yute
Dem seh him name Usain Bolt
Him run faasa dan lightning
And help Jamaica name get clout

Inna di dream him unite wi nation
In ah way mi coulda neva dream bout
Rival and Rival ah celebrate togedda
Ah cheer fi Jamaica and ah shout!

Di dream say di Olympic team
Do wah Scotlan yaad and Politician try fi years;
Di Olympic team goh ah Beijing
Goh bring all criminal to tears.

Dem mek Jamaicans feel proud
Mek wi tek up wi flag again
If yuh even waan fi buy one flag yah now
Ah one bag a money yuh haffi goh spen.

Di Jamaican ooman dem mek history
Inna di hundred meter dash
Shelly-Ann win gold, Sherone and Kerron get silver
And Veronica win di 200 like Stone Love inna soun clash.

Nesta and Frater speed up di relay
Fi Usain and Safa bring di crown
Dem win di gold medal inna record time
And wi have one big celebration downtown.

One heapa pot mi hear ah knock
All peace march mi hear seh dem have
Waterhouse and Maxfield people unite ah Town
And Russia and Third Street unite ah Sav.

Inna mi dream mi see mi people
Showin love and support to dem one anneda
Mi did haffi wonda say if is Twilight Zone
Cause man ah hug man an’ annoh him bredda

People all ah call to mi
And mi neva even see dem before
People ah kind to people
Jamaicans didda show love galore!

Mi staat smile inna dis yah dream
Cause mi neva know di day woulda come
When Jamaicans can feel soh proud and happy
Fi what Jamaicans have done.

But one gunshot wake mi outta mi dream
It was a gunman shooting mi cousin
Den mi hear some ooman outta door
Ah gwaan bad wid some dutty cussin

Den di news seh one innocent likkle girl
Was raped again todeh
And annada man lef him baby madda
Widout a dime and shi noh know weh him deh

Den mi hear bout di slackniss
Ova di infant school
Pickney ah goh school widout book
And teacha ah call dem fool

Ah jus wish mi coulda goh back to sleep
An stay inna dat dream foreva
Jamaica did look so good
When di Olympians did gi wi one day ah betta

Peace can ongle reign inna mi dream
But mi wi stay hopin til mi blue
Dat dat dream wid di Olympians
 Will one day and foreva remain true.


  • Kerri-Ann M. Smith

    Dr. Kerri-Ann M. Smith is an author and educator. She is an Associate Professor of English at Queensborough Community College, CUNY. She is a patois translator, a wife, and the mother of two beautiful little girls. She is a senior writer for

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