The votes are in for the winners of our the 2003 Boardites Awards winners from the Bulletin Board.
Jamaica Magazine 2003 "Boardite" Awards

The votes are in!!! Below are the 2003 boardites Awards winners

Best Signature 2003: BND1999
Best “boardite”Name 2003: Whagwaan
Most “Unoriginal boardite” Name 2003:Yardy
Funniest boardite Member 2003:Tie: Sue Sumba/Wendy
Best boadite Debator 2003: Tie: Tropicana/Tuff Gong
“Nuffest” boadite 2003: Tropicana
Best Topic Starter 2003: Tie: HO/Pilot
Best Moderator 2003: Tie: DearK/G2/Ochigal
Marcia Davidson Good Boardite Citzen Award/ Boardite Member of the Year 2003: Grandma2

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