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Bob Marley – 1 Minute Jamaican Music Biography


Bob Marley began his career in earnest back in the Ska era alongside Peter Tosh [Winston Hubert McIntosh] and Bunny Wailer [Neville Livingstone] as 1/3 of the highly skilled vocal group the [Wailing] Wailers. Toward the tail end of 1974, after 11 very successful years, Peter and Bunny left out to try it as solo artists and Bob went on to become the best known, most respected Reggae artist in the world. His song ‘One Love, People Get Ready’ was named the song of the 20th century by the BBC and his album ‘Exodus’ was hailed as the album of the century by Time Magazine. Bob Marley passed away [cancer] on the 11th of May, 1981 but truly…his Legend lives on…even larger than life.
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