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Book Review: Forever Young At 50+

About the Book:
A compilation of 100 stories, featuring individuals over the age of 50 who have made great achievements, overcome tremendous adversity, and through it all, still remain forever young.

The book is formatted in three categories: 

They Achieved: Features 54 stories of individuals who faced major setbacks in life but was determined to succeed, despite the challenges. These stories detail the journey from poverty to becoming millionaires & even billionaires, Also, featuring profitable businesses that came into existence due to one’s determination to overcome extreme adversities, including major illnesses. 

They Endured: This category features 14 stories, primarily of couples destined to be together and also individuals who’ve had some incredible encounters in life. 

They Overcame: Featuring 32 compelling stories of strong, resilient individuals who had one focus in mind: To ‘survive.’ 

Everyone can benefit from this book no matter the age. Over 50? It will help you focus on solutions. Under 50? You will learn from the mistakes of individuals who are successful today because they were determined to never give-up!

The extremely attractive, hard cover book features the stories and full sized photographs of 100 personalities, all over age fifty, from around the globe, most of whom are oblivious to the “Over the Hill Syndrome” that some people succumb to after reaching age 50. Most the personalities featured, including Ms. Hart have contended with and overcame various challenges, including serious illnesses, divorce, financial downfall, and other major obstacles, but today, are extremely successful, positive and excited about the next phase of their lives. The articles feature individuals who are business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, philanthropists, pastors, media representatives and more. 

It was Ms. Hart’s objective to feature individuals with motivational stories with the aim of encouraging and inspiring the 50+ population, especially those who think that because of their age life has passed, or is passing, them by. The articles prove that this is a wrong assessment; instead being over fifty is the perfect time to tap into one’s experience, find yet undiscovered talent and shine brighter than in the former years. 

Some of the other individuals featured in the book include former Jamaica first lady, Beverly Manley, entrepreneur Bill Bartman, and renown motivational speaker Les Brown. From South Florida’s Caribbean community the personalities featured include, community TV host and president of the Caribbean Media Association, Maxine Tulloch, chiropractor Dr. Fidel Goldson, pastor Dr. Dennis Grant, realtor Marie Kong, radio personality and CEO of Riddims Marketing, Eddie Edwards, the founders/owners of Jerk Machine Restaurant, Desmond and Kathleen Malcolm, tax accountant Colin Robinson, herbalist Dianne Galloway of Herbal Gardens, and National Weekly editor, Dr. Garth Rose.- Review by Caribbean National Weekly

About the Author:
Nina Hart, undoubtedly a ‘Trendsetter,’ mother to six adult children and six grandchildren, qualifies her to write on the topic of being young and vibrant.  An individual who is driven to help improve and enhance the lives of others, primarily through her writing.  She consistently delivers a message of ‘Hope,’ and demonstrates that ‘Giving-Up’ can never be an option. She motivates her audiences by sharing excerpts from her first book, ‘Crosses to Bear Love to Share,’ most times leaving them choked-up, but determined to becoming better parents. Her second book, ‘Forever Young At 50+,’ confirms that age is just a number and anyone can achieve anything, despite the age. She refutes the ‘Over the hill’ concept and believes that a quality life begins at 50. President of Six Hearts Inc, DBA, Six Hearts Publishing, she is committed to release at least two new titles each year.

Where to Buy the Book:
You can buy “Forever Young At 50+“  at  youareyoung.com.

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