Book Review: The Jamaican Woman at the Well


The Jamaican Woman at the Well – For those of you who do not believe in the power of God and to those who have ever questioned His grace, love, or existence, I hope my story, a ‘God Story’, will be an inspiration and blessing to you. It will show you just how REAL, good and merciful God is. I want you to ponder over these pages and envision them as your own story as well as looking deeply at your own life and believe, “Is there really anything at all too big for God”? Search your heart, reflect on your life, all of your fears, concerns, joys, frustrations, anxieties, doubts, worries, mistakes, decisions, family, friends, co-workers and even ministry. My desire is that as you see the wonders of God throughout these pages, you will consider Him in your life and know that you are truly loved by Him.


I made it! I just finished reading your book! Can’t help it, at first days I just read couple of pages then became busy but I always thought about it and finally today I finished! Wow that was quite a story, truly your name is written at the palm of God’s hand! The grace of God is upon you to reveal your story. And our dear Kiah, look at her, she’s the fruit of not giving up that somehow, somewhere despite of of wretchedness there’s God that never give up on us! May you be more blessed and I believe through your story a lot of people will be blessed and they will be a blessing giver to others too. – Maricel

Michelle, your book is a blessing. If ever I was most proud of you, your truth, transparency, and insight…. I am now. This book incorporates a collectivity of women’s lives, struggles, spiritual, emotional, psychological, generational and self abuses. Your transparency and non-blaming approach makes this essential for all as it can teach us how to be more humble. It is a best seller, necessary for the “uptight”, the “broken”, the Open and the searching. God bless you. You have transcended time and process so that each of us can look at our lives entirely to question if our missteps were missteps or re-positioning for greater purpose. Your success educationally, socially and spiritually was heightened through your painful sojourns. It is a journey indeed and though complications don’t just die out – I believe that you are sharpened for any curve balls or set backs that may lie ahead because you understand how purpose and action is cemented. Bless you! – Delores

The Jamaican Woman at the Well – A Redemption story is such a good book. Michelle Saldeba exposes herself to the world to draw people closer to Christ. She has an amazing testimony, which is riveting. I didn’t want to stop reading the book. You all have got to get it, read it and tell a friend about it. – Nicky

Thank you for sharing. Thank you for “putting your life on blast” we get to see how faithful and amazing God is just by reading your book and seeing where you are at today! I have shed some tears reading your book but tears of joy knowing that we shall pass through every storm! God is forever faithful! Love your book Auntie Michelle! God bless you. – Shannon D.

I love you so much! Your story is inspiring, riveting, hopeful, promising, powerful, transformational, tender, transparent…and destiny. – Brenda W.

This book is so real honest and a wonderful story of a searching woman. She tells “warts and
all,”.She hides nothing but it comes forth as a warm inspiring story that you don’t want to end.it is a story easy to relate too because of it’s honesty and openness. – Amazon Review (source unknown)

About the Author

Michelle Saldeba

A native of Jamaica, living in Canada for almost 25 years, Michelle is a mother of two beautiful children, Kiah and son Zion. She is also married to Glen Alexander, who is also an evangelist at heart. “Aunty Michelle” as called by the kids and adults at her home church, devotes her heart and time nurturing the spiritual life of children. She has served in children’s ministry for over 12 years, and is excited about teaching others about Jesus Christ and how to cultivate their relationship with Him through prayer and evangelism.

Michelle is a highly contagious person, seasoned communicator, loves kids, is creative, organized and fun. She is currently the Director of Children’s Ministry at Calvary Worship Center and holds a Bachelors of Pastoral Theology degree and Masters of Christian Counseling.

You can contact Michelle at: [email protected].

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