Book Review: Magnus the Mongoose Meets New Friends


Magnus the Mongoose Meets New Friends is the first title in this Jamaican book series. It is a vibrantly illustrated, wonderfully told story about the first meeting of the SMARTs and Magnus, who lives in the bushes neighboring The Sunny Square School. Magnus appears during break time with Patch the Donkey to take Shelly, Muka, Amita, Ricky and Tuffy (The SMARTs) on varied adventures. The book is written in English but introduces the reader to Jamaican patois and has a glossary to explain phrases such as “Wha Gwaan” which means “Hello”. Coined as the “Caribbean Dora“, Magnus the Mongoose provides pre-schoolers with literacy and numeracy development, with a fun introduction to life in the Caribbean.


All 5 star reviews on Amazon

“What a wonderful set of fresh new characters? Great job. My girls loved it. Looking forward to more in this series.” – Amazon customer

“Brilliant! Very well written and balanced in terms of a fun story that is both imaginative and practical. It covers, math, reading, vocabulary, geography and sociology without feeling like a text. This would be great in the schools!” – Amazon customer

“Magnus the Mongoose has useful and constructive themes and is also appealing to children. The illustrations are very bright, eye catching and colourful and introduces the culture in a subtle way especially with the representations of the ‘rolling’ calf (Rolie) and donkey (Patch). The messages and concepts are not only entertaining but are important for children to learn. The rhythm of rhyme is usually very attractive to children and it is used throughout the book. The fact that Latchman combines patois with Standard English whilst providing a glossary, keeps it within the Caribbean realm. It is certainly a positive addition to children’s literature for the Caribbean.” – Dr. Rose Davies, noted early childhood education authority


• Launched at an exclusive event with popular Reggae entertainer Chronixx
• Extensive online marketing strategy including social media and blog on its own
• Featured in global TV industry Magazine Kidscreen for animated series development
• Official book for Reading Week 2015

About the Author

Alison Latchman is the co-creator, writer, producer and voice director of the multi-award winning Cabbie Chronicles, the Caribbean’s first animated series. A classically trained actor and voice coach who studied performing arts in London, Latchman is no stranger to creating memorable characters.The lack of relatable animated content for children on Caribbean television, led her to create Magnus the Mongoose with a vision to having it developed as an animated series. She lives in Jamaica with her two boonoonoonoos (lovely) children Ayaan and Alek, who provide animated inspiration every day.

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ISBN #: 978-976-95831-0-8
Price: USD $7.99
Format: Ebook & Paperback 8.5″ X 8.5″
Extent: 24 pp
Age Range: Children aged 3 -7
Author: Alison Latchman
Publication Date: February 2015