Book Review: New Beginnings

About The Book
New Beginnings is a contemporary rags to riches tale set in the island of Jamaica. It gives us tantalizing glimpses of the Jamaican inner-city life along with the completely opposite lifestyle of the rich and famous. It also touches on the decisions that one girl has to make between two completely different lifestyles and two completely different men, one an inner city don and the other an uptown Casanova.

Book Blurb
It came as a shock, when self-styled ‘ghetto queen,’ Geneva, was contacted by lawyers who claimed that Stanley Walters, the deceased uptown financier, was her father. His will contained several conditions that had to be met before she could inherit what was left to her.

One condition was that she had to live with her sister, a girl who was the same age as Geneva, for a full year to forge sisterly bonds.Geneva left Froggie, her ‘ghetto don,’ behind and found herself in the rarefied atmosphere of uptown living.

She had to contend with Pamela, her father’s widow, and the attention of a suave up-towner, Justin, who was determined that she should forget her past and move on with him.


New beginnings is such an inspirational rags to riches story. It is written really well. It has very realistic characters and a plot full of drama, romance, excitement, and sorrow. I found the book quite hard to put down. I read it all in one day despite the fact that it is really long. The length actually suited the story well. There was a lot to be told and it wouldn’t have been as good if it was rushed. New beginnings was a book that I loved every bit of right up to the final page. Absolutely worth it. – Andrew David

New Beginnings has a refreshing storyline. It gives the reader a glimpse of both segments of Jamaican society and includes a great love story. – Mitsy

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It is a typical rich girl, poor girl tale. Two girls sharing the same father, but not aware of this until after his death. His will stipulating that Geneva, the poor girl from the Ghetto must move in with rich girl Melody and her awful mother, Pamela for a year, so that she can receive her inheritance. It is a fairly predictable tale with the mother hating Geneva, and Geneva losing the love of her life. I won’t give any more away.There are smatterings of Patois, but not too much that it detracts from the overall story. It is a light-hearted, entertaining book, ideal for a holiday read. It is very well written. -  Dorset G

About The Author
Brenda Barrett is a full time writer and avid reader. She has several novels on the market.

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New Beginnings can be found at Amazon. It is also available island-wide. For more Brenda Barrett books you can visit her blog at