Book Review: The Passion for Chaos, is a gripping novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats

The Passion for Chaos

My first thought after reading The Passion for Chaos is a must-read. The Passion for Chaos, Herb Wright’s third self-published novel is a departure from Clones got Souls. It is everything it is advertised to be. A mystery, with a lot of suspense, political intrigue, love story, friendship and betrayal, fear and revenge. This suspense thriller, a page-turner, is an emotional roller coaster of a love story.

Herb Wright, a friend, and political colleague for four decades years. Writing the Passion Wright’s creative imagination rival’s that of his college mate and best friend, defense attorney, and former South Florida ADA, the late Jean Claude Dugue. Dugue was the most creative mind we both knew. Wright is an activist, a political thinker, and analyst of political intrigue. Herb’s astute political acumen, honed in New York city studying politics and steeped African American culture, informed the events and flow of events in his third novel.

A Passion For Chaos Book

This author storyline blends seamlessly, the nexus and overlap between, urban African American culture and class,’the hood’ and the bourgeois ‘rich and educated’ together in ways that you wouldn’t imagine.

The Passion is a gripping novel that has the reader, literally on the edge of our seats. The reader is taken on a roller coaster ride through a landscape of emotions. One minute you are excited, then disgust and anger sets in, then next, you are scheming revenge. Ultimately you root for true love to win though you want revenge. But ultimately you want things to work out because they’re like many dysfunctional families unit.

As you read this book you identify with the characters in the book. Their narratives are familiar and you become attached to them and all their drama. We all experienced or know someone like them in our life experience. experience.

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