Book Review: The Preacher and The Prostitute

About The Book
Maribel struggled to forget her past, when she dabbled in prostitution, made porn videos and was a nude poster girl. She became a Christian and made a decision to use her singing talent to glorify God. However, she quickly realized that a young, single, attractive, talented girl was never going to remain unnoticed at church.

First, she captures the attention of a jealous church sister who is determined to dig into her mysterious past and then the new pastor who seemed to reciprocate her affection. After falling in love with him, her past rears its ugly head and Maribel realizes that she has to tell her new found love the truth about her history before she can accept his marriage proposal. Can a preacher and an ex- prostitute be happy together?


This is an excellent and well written book by Brenda Barrett. A fictional book yet I’m sure many readers can relate to this in their very own way. A great romance, secrets, demons for the past type of novel that grabs your attention from the very beginning. I finish this book in 2 days staying up late each night after work. This is one of the most fascinating novels I’ve read in a while. The author brings you into a young girls life that went down the wrong path but is trying to change her ways but runs into many challenges. I highly recommend this book. – Cherrie

This was a great romance novel. Love all the characters in the novel. I really wanted to support Maribel and wanted her to find love! It was a very interesting catch of a story to see unravel. It was very intriguing and proves what real love should be about! Totally recommended. – Sammy

Who would have thought life among faithful church goers would be so exciting and passionate. I like the way the story captures the true quintessence of lust between two people, even under watchful criticizing eyes. This makes it a pretty interesting read; A classical Christian romance novel complete with lots of biblical messages and advice to apply to your own personal experiences. Even though it’s hard not to judge women in lewd professions, whether currently or in the past, the Author did a remarkable job in showing the main character in an empathetic light. This is a great reminder to not judge people and a compelling showcase of forgiveness. I also love the determination and strength displayed by the main character to turn her life around and maintain a decent livelihood despite the many trials she faced, especially that her past relentlessly tried to rear its ugly head. – Claudine

About The Author
Brenda Barrett is a full time writer and avid reader. She has several novels on the market.

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