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Book Review–Turn Your Passion Into Profit

About the book
Walt Goodridge’s Turn Your Passion Into Profit can help you find your purpose, discover your passion, create a product based on that passion, and sell it for profit! If you’ve ever dreamed of earning a living, or just some extra cash doing that one thing that you’ve always loved to do, then this book/audio is for you!

Since its initial publication in the summer of 2000, and with each annual revision to incorporate new strategies and technology, Turn Your Passion Into Profit has been selling steadily “under the radar.” And while others have come along and copied Walt’s title and concept, his continues to stand apart as the innovator, combining spiritual concepts, even health and wellness with practical business guidance to create a wholistic view and action plan for profitable, passion-centered living.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with an existing business, or a newbie with a great idea, you’ll find a wealth of information, inspiration and concrete ideas in this easy to follow step-by-step guide. 

…Endorsed over others by industry experts…
[From the Library Journal]…Libraries might find their readers better served by Walt Goodridge’s Turn Your Passion into Profit , which is noteworthy for its more complete coverage and practical, down-to-earth tone and style.-The Library Journal, Susan C. Awe, Univ. of New Mexico Lib., Albuquerque (Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information)

..Quoted by other authors…
“Passion not only inspires innovation, determination and boundless energy, but it is also contagious. Sharing your passion also helps others tap into their own. Walt Goodridge, author of Turn Your Passion Into Profit, sums it up well:

Value No One Can Match”
“If you create and market a product or service through a business that is in alignment with your personality, capitalizes on your history, incorporates your experiences, harnesses your talents, optimizes your strengths, complements your weaknesses, honors your life’s purpose, and moves you towards the conquest of your own fears, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that anyone in this or any other universe can offer the same value that you do!” –Walt Goodridge
Peter J. Patsula, from Successful Business Planning in 30 Days


Reader Reviews

“I am a business owner working on taking my business to the next level. I use Turn Your Passion Into Profit like a daily guide. It motivates me when I am feeling low and strengthens my knowledge in areas where I am weak. Walt’s desire for that “perfect day” spurred him in a direction to make that day not a dream but a reality. I have made the visualization of what the perfect day will look like for me a part of my morning ritual. I cannot stress enough that Turn Your Profit Into Passion has helped me to turn my DREAMS into PLANS for my not so distant future.” —Gayle E. Santana, PVS Network, Professional Virtual Services

“Thank you so much for writing Turn Your Passion into Profit. Like you said, you’re never really happy until you’re pursuing your passion. So I want you to know that I stepped out on faith, quit my job and wrote the novel I always wanted to write. Now I’m on tour all over the country and I’m finally living my dream. I am very proud of me and you should be too!”—-Hallema, author of Mass Deception

“Walt, next to my Bible, your book, Turn Your Passion Into Profit is the book I reference the most in my house! It is the only other book that is constantly visible (it’s on the dining room table right now!)…”– Karon Mason Etienne, Maryland.


About the Author:

Walt F.J. Goodridge is a Jamaican business writer, columnist, nomadpreneur and author of 16 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit. Walt offers private coaching and workshops to help people pursue and profit from their passions. Find out how at www.passionprofit.com and follow Walt’s China adventures at www.Jamaicans.com’s Jamaican’s Overseas section.

Order Turn Your Passion Into Profit as an ebook, paperback or 6-CD audio course at www.PassionProfit.com

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